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Why Christian Parents Should Vote

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Hi friend! I’m writing this post today because I desperately love my children and want the best possible future for them. I know you feel the same way about your children so I’m going to say this plain and simple.

Good parents vote. 

Being involved in the election process is a characteristic of good parenting.

Fundamental, guiding principles of our nation hang precariously in the balance today. The decisions of the leaders and judges we choose to put in power hold sway over our religious freedoms, moral culture, economic climate, and national security.

They also directly impact the quality of life our children will experience in the future as they mature into adulthood, start their families, and pursue careers.

Our country has been dramatically remolded and reshaped since 2008. In my personal opinion, the increased bureaucracy and reshaping have moved America away from the hallmarks that make her great.

Lack of leadership on the world stage has left her vulnerable.

In policy-making decisions, the welfare of children has often been stuffed under the rug . . . neglected and forgotten. 

Unfortunately, our government leaders have failed us at many levels.

I fear for my children and the America they will inherit. However, as American citizens, we have the opportunity to determine who steers this great nation. We have the power to elect people who get her back on course – if we will only vote.

Christians typically live by different principles and values than mainstream society. Our votes reflect (or should reflect) those values.

When it comes to Christians and voting, the statistics are disheartening.

In the 2012 election, about 31 million born-again Christians voted in the election. This constituted about one-fourth of the total votes cast.

About 17 million born-again Christians did not vote in the presidential election. 17 million!

Of that total, 9 million were registered to vote, but chose not to. The remaining 8 million were not registered voters. 

Just after that election, I learned many Christians did not vote because Romney wasn’t a Christian. This is difficult for me to fathom.

Imagine how different our nation might be today if more Christians had voted in recent elections.

I am absolutely frustrated and dismayed by those who are either oblivious to what’s going on in the world or who complain but refuse to be a part of the process/solution.

Their ambivalence, ignorance, and inaction directly contribute to the condition of our nation . . . and our children’s futures.

Good Parenting (and Good Citizenship) Includes:

  • Educating yourself and making yourself aware of current happenings. Cultures die in the ignorance and apathy of the people (i.e., read the book of Judges in the Bible). 

To be an effective part of the process, it’s critical to understand what’s going on in the world so you can vote intelligently! Yes. I realize world news is sometimes overwhelming and depressing. Educate yourself anyway. 

The link below will take you to Probe.org where you can sign up to receive articles, videos, and voter guides. You can also access info on congressional votes of incumbents and see how they answered surveys.

Pray, Organize, Vote Election Resources 

  • Recognizing voting as a privilege that many people around the world are denied. You have been given a “voice.” Show some gratitude for that privilege by being a part of the process. Use your voice.
  • Rejecting apathy. We absolutely cannot continue to sit by in apathy refusing to vote, yet hoping somehow things will change. Things won’t change for the good unless good people take action. 
  • Accepting responsibility to guard and protect your children’s welfare. As the parent, be intentional about fighting for what’s best for your children. Vote. Write your representatives. Pray for our nation. Consider running for office. Get involved.

You can find and write to your representatives by clicking Contacting the Congress and typing in your address, zip code, city, or state. Most representatives have Internet contact forms making communication super easy. Depending on the length of your writing, this will literally require just a few minutes of your time. 

  • Recognizing your responsibility as citizens of earth to be engaged and active in the culture as representatives of the kingdom of God. You’re meant to use the gifts, talents, and resources God has entrusted to you. You’re called to be salt and light. You’re charged to engage in “all the earth.”
  • Being good stewards of the freedoms and opportunities you’ve been given in America. This means participating in the process of determining who establishes the policies and laws affecting our freedoms and Constitutional rights. You’ve been given freedoms. Make sure those freedoms are around when your children grow up.

Preserving a climate where freedoms are protected, Constitutional laws are upheld, children and families are cherished, businesses can flourish, and national security is improved is critical to a healthy future for your children. This is why Christian parents should vote.

Be a hero. Do it for your kids. Vote!

Do you vote? Why or why not? Is voting a characteristic of good parenting as well as good citizenship?




  1. Kathleen says:

    Absolutely! Voting is essential! Thank you for this timely post!

  2. dee dolloff says:

    Thanks for sharing, Lisa! So very true — vital to our futures!

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