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When You Need Peace in the Chaos

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Where’s your heart today friend? Are you feeling a little like a drifter? What I mean is, do you feel like you’re just drifting along with the rush of life . . . swept away by the flood of daily demands . . . sucked under by world events and life’s problems?

Here’s the thing – for our own sanity, we’ve got to get intentional about paddling into calmer waters once in a while. Have you made that happen recently? 

It’s possible that you haven’t done that in years, and I’ll bet it shows right there on your face or in your heart or in your body or in your family. Somewhere along the way you’ve lost yourself in the chaos of life.

Several weeks ago in the final whispers of summer, our family escaped the rushing flow and migrated to northern Minnesota near the Canadian border.  Wish you could have come along with us.






Schedules were banned from interrupting our days. Time slowed and the beauty of nature enveloped us. 

We woke up slowly to crisp mornings and meandered into drowsy afternoons.




Dog days of summer for sure.




My sister-in-law’s wondrous meals kept our tummies happy and our souls content. Family games and intense competition brought us close – well, mostly.




Long walks together in the fresh air provided room for meaningful conversation. 




There were lake adventures, boat rides, and wave runners skimming inky blue water. And of course, the dogs.


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We explored remote islands, and watched in wonder as bald eagles soared overhead.

Distractions minimal, we processed, contemplated, laughed, and found ourselves again,




Our senses sharpened to the beauty surrounding us. God was so evident.




We relaxed into a place where we were known and accepted for who we are – just as we are-  by the family we enjoyed deeply in those moments. Togetherness!




Old memories bubbled to the surface, and new memories were birthed – like the unforgettable adventure of the boat ride home from Kettle Falls. Three storm squalls and choppy waves left everyone wet as dogs. Thankful for Uncle John braving the rain pelting his face to get us home safely!




Bonds of family grew stronger. (And again – the dogs. Always the dogs.)

The world whirled on around us oblivious to our quiet space there. As the middle east spun out of control and riots erupted in our homeland, we found rest as we reconnected to the things most important.

Soon enough we would all go back to hurried days .  . .  some back to jobs, kids back to school, young adults back to college and emerging careers. But in those moments, there was peace. 




In those slow breaths of time, the good in our lives comes up for air.

All the beauty right in front of us that we habitually overlook is seen and appreciated – like an old friend. 

When drowsy moments create space to reflect, gratitude impregnates hearts. Personal abundance is recognized – abundance in the things that really matter . . . relationships, fellowship, good health, nature’s glory, God’s presence. We have so much to be thankful for.

All rediscovered in the quiet spaces. 

For one week, we paddled our way out of the hurried flow of everyday life to reconnect with ourselves and with each other. To listen to our own hearts. To think. To feel. To rest.

Fresh perspective emerged and soul restoration came. 




And I “get” God the Father’s heart. How he desperately wants to give us those same things every day of our lives. But we need to come away with him. 

If I can be honest here, I’d just like to confess I naturally get anxious and worry about things in my daily life. I get overwhelmed.  As a mom, I often think of the worst case scenario. Do you?

God promises to keep in perfect peace her whose mind is stayed on him because she trusts in him. (Isaiah 26:3)

Focusing on our problems takes our focus off God. It creates anxiety. Centering our minds on God changes things. It brings calm. He is our strength and peace in the chaos.

God our Father has promised to fill us with his peace – supernatural peace – as we make our requests known to him with thankful and submissive hearts. 

God promises to draw near to us when we draw near to him.  James 4:8

In his presence we sense his strength and  power. Power to overcome. The same power that defeated death and conquered sin. That power lives in you friend. Life doesn’t have to overwhelm you. He’s enough to get you through. 

In those quiet moments, we’re able to process, contemplate, and reconnect with the one who is most important. Fresh perspective emerges in his embrace.

And we find ourselves again . . . who we are in Christ. Claimed, cherished, loved, strong, women of purpose, daughters of the king.  

Restoration comes as we carve out quiet moments to rest in his embrace . . . trusting ourselves to the one who loves us like no other . . . with the one who accepts us just as we are.

Refusing to be drifters. Intentionally creating space. Stepping into it.

Moments in the early morning to pray and study . . . or draw or paint.

Abandoning pride to sing along to worship songs like a fool in the car.

Moments at the sink allowing the heart and mind to wander to him.

Applauding him as we witness something beautiful. 

Seeing the holy in the ordinary. 

Experiencing the holy one in the chaos.

Soul refreshing.

Life giving.

Peace encompassing.

Life has gotten crazy since leaving our peaceful hideaway up north. A serious health scare, a robbery at our daughter’s home, our son’s unexpected appendectomy, a death in the family, and a really tough job situation. Feels a little like we’re in white water rapids. What about you? Are you treading water or paddling like mad in the rushing current?

Through it all, God is good. He’s always been good. He never changes. He is our place to hide away, and there we’ll always find peace in the chaos.

So take heart, my friend who’s crushed, exhausted, and overwhelmed. God loves you. He sees what’s happening in your life and he cares immensely about your struggle.

He has you in the center of his heart, in the palm of his hand, and in the shadow of his wing.

Be sure you make time to take shelter there! It will be enough to get you through.

Do you need to start paddling your way to calmer waters and quiet spaces? 






  1. Kathleen says:

    Making memories. Wonderful! I esp. appreciated: Applauding him as we witness something beautiful.
    Seeing the holy in the ordinary.
    Experiencing the holy one in the chaos.
    Thank you!

    Soul refreshing.

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