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Tired of Negative News Stories? Read This Little Story of Kindness

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Camp counselors in action

With all the selfishness, hatred, greed, brutality, crime, and corruption we see in this world on a daily basis, I want to remind you that there are still good things happening all around us. They aren’t in the news or splashed across headlines, but they’re out there. Here’s one to inspire you today.

Kanakuk Kamps employs about 3,000 college students each summer. These young people work at eleven different camps and come from very different backgrounds. They all have one thing in common – their love for Jesus Christ.

The staff works 24/7 and gets one day off per week. When you divide their salary by the number of hours they work, they make about $00.23 per hour. But it doesn’t matter. They’re crazy about working there.

At one of the Kanakuk Kamps (K-West) this summer, an employee (Stu) received the news that one of his closest friends had died. His friend was serving in the military in Afghanistan when an explosion destroyed the vehicle he was in.

Stu was invited to be an honorary pall bearer. He really wanted to be at his buddy’s funeral, but there was a problem. He didn’t have the money he needed to buy a plane ticket to get there.

The director of the camp and one of the leadership staff went around asking if anyone wanted to donate money to help Stu. Those college students at K-West donated more than enough to buy his plane ticket – with some left over to cover miscellaneous travel expenses.

Isn’t that beautiful?! Those young people loved well – and that inspires me as I live out my life in this crazy world. I want to love like that.

Jesus said, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:34-35

Keep this in mind: Love is meant to be the identifying mark of Christianity. As we move toward the day of Christ’s return, times will get tougher and uglier. As they do, it will be so important for us to get really good at loving, strengthening, encouraging, and caring for one another. Kind of like what we saw when people turned out en masse to eat at Chick-Fil-A.

Are you loving well? Does your love cause people to know without a doubt that you’re a follower of Jesus Christ? Are you allowing Christ to settle down deep into your soul so you are able to love like he does? What can you do today to demonstrate compassion for one of your brothers or sisters in God’s family – like those college students at camp?

Yes, there is still some good in this world as this little story shows. How can your life add more goodness to this old world we live in?

What do you think? Have you witnessed this kind of love and compassion in the church? Leave a comment to share your stories/thoughts.

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