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The Ride Home – Evidence of God

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Do you ever doubt God’s existence? Do you ever doubt he is loving and good?

For the past two years, our family has experienced some extraordinary hardship. Although we knew God was with us, we didn’t feel His presence. We didn’t see clear evidence of him working in our situations.

We ached for Him to demonstrate Himself to us. We were at the bottom. Things had gone so wrong and were so bad I wondered to myself, “Am I a fool to believe?”


In times like this, it is so important to cling to truth. Our emotions can trick us and give us an inaccurate picture of God.

The evidences of God are the truths we need to cling to. Evidence of God can be found in the Bible where the truth about his true character, his promises, and his ways are displayed.

Other evidences can be found in your past where God has demonstrated himself to you in various life situations.

In my situation, I chose to focus on the things God has taught me about himself in the Bible. I clung to them like a winded person sucking oxygen through an oxygen machine.

I also looked back through the years of my life and plunged myself into memories of the times God has demonstrated his love and faithfulness to me – and there are many. 

Regardless of what has happened in my life, I continue to believe.

Yes, there is a God and He is good. 

This past week, God made Himself real to us yet again.

Our son came home one night with an incredible story.

When he was getting ready to leave for Bible study earlier that evening, he had felt uneasy about driving – something he has never experienced before. As he left home, he felt as though God was saying to Him (like an internal whisper), “Take it easy driving tonight.”

He was extra cautious and arrived at Bible study safely. Coming home, he got on the highway behind a car that was going really slow.

Normally, he would immediately get in the left lane and zip past but something compelled him to stay put.

He looked up ahead and thought, “Are those headlights coming toward me?”

This was a divided highway with a median in the middle – two lanes on each side. The oncoming car was on the wrong side of the highway going south in a lane meant to go north!

The car flew by at full speed. If our son had pulled over into that lane, the oncoming car would have hit him head-on.

I am so thankful for what God did for us that night when our son went to Bible study.

He didn’t do it because of anything good in any of us. He did it because of the goodness in him.

It is absolutely extraordinary and it was as though he was saying to us, “I’m still here.” My heart desperately needed that.

Friends, be encouraged. God is real. He exists. He may be working behind the scenes in your life, but He is most definitely with you today.

“Oh, Church. Come stand in the light. Our God is not dead. He’s alive! He’s alive!”

I want to tell you how encouraged I have been by your visits to The Warming House. Some of you have come from the other side of the world. Please know that even though we have never met face-to-face and I don’t know your names, I keep you in my thoughts and prayers each week. Until next time, stay warm and cozy.


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  1. Hi Lisa! Your blog is WoNdErFul! Wow! what a story about your son! That was so good that he listened to the Lord's voice! I'm sure that made a huge impression on him that he will remember his whole life! Bless you, keep up the good work!!

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