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Bible Study Tools Bringing God Home to Your Heart

Do you struggle with a sense of emptiness? Are you overwhelmed with the cruelty in the global culture. Does it feel the world is spinning out of control? Do you have hope? Anything to guide you as you maneuver the rough terrain of life? Did


Navigating Moral Persecution in America

Our Christian farmer friends in Oregon recently shared they’ve stopped allowing weddings on their property. As a result, they’ve lost a lucrative stream of revenue. They did it to protect themselves. A war is waging in their state with lawsuits levied against businesses and farms


7 Things to Know When You’re Pressured to Be an Open-Minded Christian

                              Let me introduce you to our dog, Suubi (pronounced “Suu-Bee”). In 2005, our family spent time with some beautiful parentless children in Suubi Village in Uganda Africa. “Suubi” means “hope” in


Danger Lurks – How are You Protecting Yourself?

Several years ago, our family spent Christmas in Hawaii. I sat on the beach one day watching huge swells on the water. The waves rose up, crested, curled, and thunderously pounded the shore. Suddenly, there was a commotion as lifeguards raced down the beach on