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Posts tagged ‘Truth’

After the Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage

I’ve been watching the tidal wave gathering steam over our nation. It’s been rolling and building strength as the days and years pass.  It amazes me how the American culture has become so opposed to offending people, but so fearless about offending God. Fueled by


One Way to Safeguard Your Faith in the End Times

I’ve written this post with great love and concern. It contains critical information for your life in this day and age – especially as we move toward the end times in a culture that’s increasingly corrupt and immoral. Here’s an essential point to keep in mind:


Helping Your Family Maneuver Through a “Homosexualized” Culture – Part Two

Last week I published the first post in this two-part series. It was my intention to put up this second post sooner but my husband and I received an unexpected opportunity to meet with a respected community leader this week regarding an idea for a


How Accurate is the Bible?

        During the reformation, the church was intently focused on power and used religion to gain and keep control. Traditions were established  that weren’t in harmony with scripture. The church claimed authority – even above the scriptures of the Bible.  Reformers of that


Making Sense of the Kings of the Bible

Mountain View – Stealing Your Breath with Views of the Heart of God There are parts of the Bible that have always been confusing to me. The period of the kings is one of them. Boy howdy! There are so many kings it’s hard to


Design for Life

A week and a half ago, I traveled to Ozark, Missouri to attend my favorite women’s conference – Designed For Life. Highlight video and info about next year’s conference: http://designedforlifeconference.org/ Standing near the front on opening night worshiping with 3,000 other women with eyes closed, I opened my eyes