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Posts tagged ‘sin’

Getting to Heaven

Have you ever heard the complaint circulating these days regarding the path to heaven outlined in the Bible? The complaint that there can’t be only one way because that would make God horribly insensitive and unsympathetic.  Last summer I spent an afternoon talking to a


Are Christians Perfect? Do They Have to Be?

I can still remember the conversation I had with a young woman I discipled one summer. Something came up in the conversation about Christians and being “perfect.” She told me she struggles with feeling inadequate as a Christian and with being able to believe with conviction


Compassion and the True Meaning of Tolerance

Several years ago, we walked the journey of retribution and justice with a close friend who was convicted of a serious crime. He was deeply repentant and eaten up with regret. We were publicly persecuted for our actions. Compassion and Tolerance When our compassion extended


What Does the Cross Mean to You?

The Cross. The most pivotal symbol in history. Through the years, people have questioned its validity, rejected it, hated it, ignored it, and burned it. Others have embraced its message and cherished it. What does the cross mean to you? Around 500 B.C., the first


One Key to Praying So That God Will Hear and Answer

About a week ago, my daughter texted my husband and I to say that she wanted to enhance her prayer life. She treasures prayer and believes it’s “such a gift”. She asked for our ideas and input. Because she has a really busy life (and


How One Church Responded to a Church Robbery

  Years ago, our pastor made a shocking announcement in church. He told us that someone had broken into the church office and stolen the previous week’s offering. I can remember just sitting there stunned. Church robbery was unacceptable. Anger swelled up inside of me.


Jesus – God’s Plan for Man

Mountain View “A mountain view can literally take your breath away. Getting a clearer view of God can do the same. Here at the Warming House, you’ll find truth that will help you know and understand who God is and how He feels about you.