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Was Jesus Perfect or Not? The Answer Changes Everything.

We met a homeless guy on our trip to Maui. Found him and his leathery tanned face by the stone wall at the harbor working reeds into baskets. His Bible sat next to him. The conversation started out easy. Pretty soon he began talking about


Praying Blessings Over Your Children

What do you leave your kids with at the end of the day? What do you want them to be thinking about as they snuggle into the covers? The events of the day? Or something better? When our children were young, they begged us to


Do Not Fear

I have chosen you. You are family. So don’t fear the unknown or the evil in this world you don’t understand. Don’t think for a minute that I’ve abandoned you because of your mistakes, or left you to fend for yourself in this crazy culture.


Scriptures to Pray Over Your Family

Hi friend! Welcome to The Warming House! In my last post, I talked about what it means to pray according to God’s will and why that’s important. God can’t contradict himself or give you things that go against his nature.   Praying in God’s Own Language We


Danger Lurks – How are You Protecting Yourself?

Several years ago, our family spent Christmas in Hawaii. I sat on the beach one day watching huge swells on the water. The waves rose up, crested, curled, and thunderously pounded the shore. Suddenly, there was a commotion as lifeguards raced down the beach on


Is Anything Too Difficult for the Lord?

What challenges are staring at you today? How big are the boulders of difficulty in your path? Have you lost hope? Are you feeling discouraged, exhausted, weary? When Abraham’s wife Sarah was struggling with infertility, God shared some unbelievable news with her husband. He told


Making Sense of the Kings of the Bible

Mountain View – Stealing Your Breath with Views of the Heart of God There are parts of the Bible that have always been confusing to me. The period of the kings is one of them. Boy howdy! There are so many kings it’s hard to


At His Feet

    Many of you are familiar with the story of Mary and Martha – sisters who were personal friends of Jesus. One day when Jesus was visiting, Martha (a great hostess) was naturally busy in the kitchen “distracted with all the preparations that had to be made”