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Posts tagged ‘restoration’

When You Need Peace in the Chaos

  Where’s your heart today friend? Are you feeling a little like a drifter? What I mean is, do you feel like you’re just drifting along with the rush of life . . . swept away by the flood of daily demands . . .


Restore: The Story of Compassion for a Girl Trafficked

She volunteers with Restore Her. As a victim of sexual abuse herself, Beth is a perfect person to love on the young girls in this place . . . the only long-term care facility existing within the United States for trafficked minors.   Here’s a story she shared with


As Part of the Church are You Leading the Revolution or Just a Preener?

I’ve been running this blog for about two years now. All this time and I have rarely touched on the topic I’m most passionate about – the Church. Namely, mobilizing the body of Christ in the local church. Maybe it’s because I thought no one would


Believing the Flowers Will Return

Got a letter today from the parents of a good friend of ours who’s in prison. These wonderful people have pushed through oceans of agony, bravely battled despair and grief, stumbled into a new normal, and moved forward in the healing process. During the three


Are You Suffering? Read This If You’re Serious About Finding Healing.

How do you handle pain and suffering in your life? Do you try to rush through it? Are you open about your feelings or are you a stuffer? Do you try to act like everything’s okay? This is the first in a series of posts