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Posts tagged ‘perseverance’

Navigating Moral Persecution in America

Our Christian farmer friends in Oregon recently shared they’ve stopped allowing weddings on their property. As a result, they’ve lost a lucrative stream of revenue. They did it to protect themselves. A war is waging in their state with lawsuits levied against businesses and farms


Back On Track With Blog, New Ministry, and Upcoming Book

Hi friends! Some of you may be wondering what’s been happening at The Warming House. If you stopped here over the past two weeks, you encountered a jumbled mess! I have been stuck in the land of technological chaos. My site crashed and it took


For Those Who Need to Know They Can

Today I’m sending some encouragement your way. Thought you might be able to use a little of that today! First – something to make you smile. Last week I drove into the school parking lot to drop my son off. We pulled up next to


Come Home to Me

In this world, some hard things are going to cross your path, Some days might be grueling. Trials may afflict you and bring you misery. I understand. These are all things I experienced during my time on earth. During difficult times, you may become exhausted


How to Finish Strong When You’re Tired of the Race

“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.”  Luke 19:10. Weary traveler – have you experienced things in your everyday life that you can’t even remotely wrap your mind around? Have you seen suffering, tragedy, and loss that extend


Parenting Perspectives – Helping Kids Handle Defeat

Parenting can be rip-your-heart-out painful! Our son has had a tough year. Went out for football. Never had a pass thrown to him all season. Got very little playing time.  Couldn’t wait to try out for basketball – his favorite sport. Didn’t make the “A”