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Does Prayer Fix Things?

This week I saw this headline.  In our culture, there is a huge lack of understanding about prayer and God himself. How do you approach prayer? Is it a time of trying to convince God to give you what you want? Do you try to


Because Suffering Together is Better

  Years ago my husband took me to Muir Woods, a redwood forest in California. Standing silent and wonderstruck at the base of those trees, I sensed something sacred.  Although redwoods reach to monumental heights, their root system is shallow. If they were made to


Navigating Moral Persecution in America

Our Christian farmer friends in Oregon recently shared they’ve stopped allowing weddings on their property. As a result, they’ve lost a lucrative stream of revenue. They did it to protect themselves. A war is waging in their state with lawsuits levied against businesses and farms


Do Something Now – Liberty Institute and Religious Freedom

 Remington Renner dared to “thank God” during his high school valedictorian speech, and risked losing an appointment to the U. S. Naval Academy. Under persecution, Roy Costner recited the Lord’s Prayer during his commencement address, going against the school’s unconstitutional rule banning graduation prayers. A


What it Takes to Be a Person of Revolutionary Compassion

  Compassion is extremely trendy these days. It’s the thing to do – especially among young adults. Demonstrations of compassion break down walls, bring people together, create synergy, and build community. For those we serve, it soothes wounds, brings healing, births hope. For the agent


Compassion and the True Meaning of Tolerance

Several years ago, we walked the journey of retribution and justice with a close friend who was convicted of a serious crime. He was deeply repentant and eaten up with regret. We were publicly persecuted for our actions. Compassion and Tolerance When our compassion extended


I Never Thought I’d See the Day – Christian Persecution in America

Last week I attended a conference in Portland where I got to hang out with a bunch of farmers. Met many who are third generation farmers. They take great pride in their farms and in their work.  Through those farms, gritty sweat, and raw labor,


When Compassion Hurts

Radical compassion requires a steely commitment to follow Jesus Christ. Jesus taught that following him requires denying yourself. In the case of radical compassion (or living by God’s values for that matter), this is true. It requires denying the desire to be liked, loved, to have the approval of others,