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Spiritual Motherhood: A Lifelong Calling

Two of my children have flown the coop. They’re soaring now far from home. A day’s drive away, there are no quick visits for lunch, dinner, or shopping. I miss them desperately. Our youngest is just two years away from college. We’re soaking in the


Five Things to Remember When You Fail as a Mom

  My Failure as a Mom I remember that time so clearly. A time of failure and of grace. My failure as a mom. Grace through my son’s kindness when I was completely undeserving. I had spent the week preparing for a speaking engagement at


The Heart of A Mother

I watched as you inspected your newborn’s fingers and toes – awestruck at the little life you held in your arms, caressing the softness of new skin, smiling as the sleeping infant on your chest melted into you – hearts beating as one. I know


Scriptures to Pray Over Your Family

Hi friend! Welcome to The Warming House! In my last post, I talked about what it means to pray according to God’s will and why that’s important. God can’t contradict himself or give you things that go against his nature.   Praying in God’s Own Language We


Single Moms Saturday Series

Next Saturday I’m starting a series for single moms.  In this series I’ll be giving them tools to teach their boys about manhood. Yeah. I know. A woman teaching a woman how to raise her boys to manhood is highly unconventional. A father would normally


Intentional Parenting: Rescuing Our Kids From the Jaws of the Lion

It’s a crazy world out there. Our kids are being preyed upon – and in many cases – being devoured by it. The world works overtime to conform our kids to its “Image”. It communicates ideas about beauty, body image, sex, relationships, drinking, success, pleasure-seeking, entitlement without


A Parenting Perspective to Keep You Going

Hello Brave Mommas! Summer is camp time. Last weekend my husband and I had the opportunity to stay overnight as guests at a high-energy Christian sports camp. We were there on changeover day. The counselors and staff were noticeably drained from non-stop schedules, high demands,


The Stages and Phases of Momma-hood: Cherishing the Past/Embracing the Future

Today, my post is decorated with pictures of two precious faces eating their favorite ice cream. Evidence of the flavor is glopped all over their cute faces! These photos were sent in for our Fireside Fridays family photo category of the week: Pictures of your