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Parenting: Teaching Your Son to Respect Women

    How do we teach our sons to respect women – especially in a culture that objectifies women through TV shows, commercials with sexual overtones, print media, movies stretching the limits with soft-porn, and straight-up hard core pornography that’s available at the click of


Raising Boys to Manhood – Expect the Greater Reward

Last night, my husband heard the story of a young man who has grown up deeply wounded because of his dad’s inattention. The story came up during dinner with a friend who shared an update on a former coworker named Brian. Brian and his wife divorced


Raising Boys to Manhood – Real Men Lead Courageously

I’ve noticed something lately. There’s a vacuum of great leadership in our culture. Single Mommas (and parents in general), it’s more important than ever to be intentional about developing your son into a courageous leader. His courageous leadership will benefit his future home/family, business, church, and


Raising Boys to Manhood-Real Men Accept Responsibility

Hi there! Last week in my Single Mom’s Saturday Series, I posted about Manhood Principle #1-Rejecting Passivity. This week I thought about that a lot. Sometimes as Moms we can be a little overprotective of our kids – even when we’re not overprotective parents. For


Raising Boys to Manhood – Manhood Principle #1 – Rejecting Passivity

Hi friend! Thanks for stopping in. Make yourself right at home! Back in November I started a Saturday series for single moms to help them raise their boys to manhood. In December, I had a little hiccup. I haven’t posted in that series for quite


Single Moms – Giving Your Sons a Definition of Manhood

Hi beautiful single mommas! Thanks for taking a few minutes out of your crazy life to stop here. So how has your week been? What challenges have you been up against? Keep your chin up. Keep pressing forward. You are important and so is your


How Our Culture is Failing Our Boys in Their Quest to Become Men

Good day to you! So this week I took a little siesta from blogging in order to focus on my sweet family. I hope you and your family/friends have enjoyed this holiday as much as we have. Grab a cup of coffee or hot tea


Single Moms – Raising Boys to Manhood

Hi all! It’s time for my Single Moms Saturday Series – Raising Boys to Manhood. Last night we had 13 boys and their leaders stay overnight at our house. (We’re a host home for a youth retreat.) As those testosterone-laden boys converged on our home,


Single Moms Saturday Series

Next Saturday I’m starting a series for single moms.  In this series I’ll be giving them tools to teach their boys about manhood. Yeah. I know. A woman teaching a woman how to raise her boys to manhood is highly unconventional. A father would normally