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One Way to Safeguard Your Faith in the End Times

I’ve written this post with great love and concern. It contains critical information for your life in this day and age – especially as we move toward the end times in a culture that’s increasingly corrupt and immoral. Here’s an essential point to keep in mind:


God Never Lets Go – My Overview of the Bible Video Series

Hi friend! Today I have a gift for you. It isn’t packaged beautifully. It’s really pretty rudimentary. But if you’ll look past the rough edges, you’ll see that the content is extraordinary. And I’m giving it to you with lots of love. My gift to


Danger Lurks – How are You Protecting Yourself?

Several years ago, our family spent Christmas in Hawaii. I sat on the beach one day watching huge swells on the water. The waves rose up, crested, curled, and thunderously pounded the shore. Suddenly, there was a commotion as lifeguards raced down the beach on


Want a Great Adventure?

Life with God is a “sick” adventure (as my son would say). What I mean is that life lived in relationship with God – and in obedience to God – offers benefits this world can’t even come close to. This past year God has taken


At His Feet

    Many of you are familiar with the story of Mary and Martha – sisters who were personal friends of Jesus. One day when Jesus was visiting, Martha (a great hostess) was naturally busy in the kitchen “distracted with all the preparations that had to be made”