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Posts tagged ‘Homosexuality’

After the Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage

I’ve been watching the tidal wave gathering steam over our nation. It’s been rolling and building strength as the days and years pass.  It amazes me how the American culture has become so opposed to offending people, but so fearless about offending God. Fueled by


Navigating Moral Persecution in America

Our Christian farmer friends in Oregon recently shared they’ve stopped allowing weddings on their property. As a result, they’ve lost a lucrative stream of revenue. They did it to protect themselves. A war is waging in their state with lawsuits levied against businesses and farms


After the Grammy Awards . . . Same Love

Did you see the Grammy awards the other night? How about the wedding ceremony conducted by Queen Latifah? Queen Latifah started with, “We’re gathered to celebrate love and harmony.” Then she led the union of 33 marriages – some heterosexual, many same-sex. Before the wedding


Helping Your Family Maneuver Through a “Homosexualized” Culture – Part Two

Last week I published the first post in this two-part series. It was my intention to put up this second post sooner but my husband and I received an unexpected opportunity to meet with a respected community leader this week regarding an idea for a


Helping Your Family Maneuver Through a Homosexual Culture – Part One

This post has been on my heart for a long time. I’ve put off writing it because I know it has the potential to arouse some deep-seated emotions and heated feelings. Due to recent events, I’ve decided it’s time. This is the first in a