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Posts tagged ‘healing’

Forgiveness and Reclaiming Your Heart

  Hello friend. I’m concerned about you. I see all that junk you’ve been dragging around behind you.  You’ve been broadsided by injustice. You’re nursing wounds and holding onto grudges. I know you’re exhausted, and I’m here to tell you that you deserve better. You


Air Out Your Soul – Things to Consider Before Taking Revenge

Has anyone ever done something that left you with ragged wounds? I’m talking about the drop you to your knees, impossible to comprehend damage that makes you wonder if you’ll ever recover – even with God’s help? I’ve been there – more than I’d like


Believing the Flowers Will Return

Got a letter today from the parents of a good friend of ours who’s in prison. These wonderful people have pushed through oceans of agony, bravely battled despair and grief, stumbled into a new normal, and moved forward in the healing process. During the three


Are You Suffering? Read This If You’re Serious About Finding Healing.

How do you handle pain and suffering in your life? Do you try to rush through it? Are you open about your feelings or are you a stuffer? Do you try to act like everything’s okay? This is the first in a series of posts


Design for Life

A week and a half ago, I traveled to Ozark, Missouri to attend my favorite women’s conference – Designed For Life. Highlight video and info about next year’s conference: http://designedforlifeconference.org/ Standing near the front on opening night worshiping with 3,000 other women with eyes closed, I opened my eyes