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Posts tagged ‘grace’

Fully Known. Wholly Loved.

  Have you ever thought to yourself, “If they knew everything about me (and I mean EVERYTHING), they wouldn’t like me so much.” So you hide your skeletons in the closet, shut and lock the door, then throw away the key. Around certain people, you


Do I Have to Forgive to be Forgiven?

  Receiving forgiveness is incredible, overwhelming, freeing . . . like refreshing water soaking into the crusty, cracked ground of an aching soul. But granting forgiveness . . . tough, brutal, near impossible for some. We gladly receive it, but struggle to give it. Jesus said,


Are Christians Perfect? Do They Have to Be?

I can still remember the conversation I had with a young woman I discipled one summer. Something came up in the conversation about Christians and being “perfect.” She told me she struggles with feeling inadequate as a Christian and with being able to believe with conviction


What is God’s Grace? Who Deserves It?

Do you ever feel like you need to get away from the craziness of everyday life? To slow your body down long enough for your soul to catch up? To breathe? To reconnect with your own heartl? To get your mind straight? Last weekend I


Forgiveness and Making Your Heart a “Manger” for Christ

Hello friends. This might be a difficult post for some of you. If you’ve been the victim of a crime in the past, please know that I care about the damage it’s caused in your life. If this post is hard for you to read,


How One Church Responded to a Church Robbery

  Years ago, our pastor made a shocking announcement in church. He told us that someone had broken into the church office and stolen the previous week’s offering. I can remember just sitting there stunned. Church robbery was unacceptable. Anger swelled up inside of me.