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Forgiveness and Reclaiming Your Heart

  Hello friend. I’m concerned about you. I see all that junk you’ve been dragging around behind you.  You’ve been broadsided by injustice. You’re nursing wounds and holding onto grudges. I know you’re exhausted, and I’m here to tell you that you deserve better. You


Air Out Your Soul – Things to Consider Before Taking Revenge

Has anyone ever done something that left you with ragged wounds? I’m talking about the drop you to your knees, impossible to comprehend damage that makes you wonder if you’ll ever recover – even with God’s help? I’ve been there – more than I’d like


Do I Have to Forgive to be Forgiven?

  Receiving forgiveness is incredible, overwhelming, freeing . . . like refreshing water soaking into the crusty, cracked ground of an aching soul. But granting forgiveness . . . tough, brutal, near impossible for some. We gladly receive it, but struggle to give it. Jesus said,


As Part of the Church are You Leading the Revolution or Just a Preener?

I’ve been running this blog for about two years now. All this time and I have rarely touched on the topic I’m most passionate about – the Church. Namely, mobilizing the body of Christ in the local church. Maybe it’s because I thought no one would


Forgiveness and Making Your Heart a “Manger” for Christ

Hello friends. This might be a difficult post for some of you. If you’ve been the victim of a crime in the past, please know that I care about the damage it’s caused in your life. If this post is hard for you to read,


Finding Freedom in Forgiveness

Are you stuck in a place of bitterness? Have you been deeply wounded? Are you angry at those who have hurt you? If you are, I want to encourage you today with a message of “forgiveness” and the incredible transformation it can bring to our lives. In 1983,


Why it’s Okay to Release Your Guilt

      South Africa by: Lisa at The Warming House Have you done anything you regret? Are there times when you wish you could turn back the clock and have a do-over? Do you agonize over things in your past – people you’ve hurt,


Lift Your Eyes

http://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/v=2/track=991499003/size=venti/bgcol=FFFFFF/linkcol=4285BB/ (You’ll need to turn down – or turn off – the music on my playlist at the bottom of this post in order to hear this clearly.) My friend, know without a doubt that YOU have already won God’s heart. Yes, you have – and