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Fourteen Things Children of Divorce Need to Know

I’m a child of divorce. What about you? Overcoming the fallout of divorce is a process, isn’t it friend?  You and I understand the child’s heart that can still live inside an adult body.  Even when God has worked miracles of healing in us, feelings


What Fills the Quiet After Children Move On

Packing up memories. Packing up years. The girl entrusted to us. Never ours to own. Only shared for a time. For raising, nurturing, teaching, praying over, loving, then releasing. Releasing into the future God has for her. Releasing her to follow His lead. Four and


Scripture Prayers For Your Home and Family

  Whether you’re part of a blended, single-parent, foster, adoptive, or traditional two-parent family, your family is important to God. You can ask him for anything in regard to your family as long as it’s in line with his heart, his desires . . .



Here at The Warming House the weather is crisp and cool, drizzly rain is falling, and gentle rumbles of thunder roll across the sky. It’s the perfect day for this excerpt from Leaves of Gold written by its editors (copyright 1938; Brownlow Publishing Company). “Civilization had its beginning around an open


The Ride Home – Evidence of God

  Do you ever doubt God’s existence? Do you ever doubt he is loving and good? For the past two years, our family has experienced some extraordinary hardship. Although we knew God was with us, we didn’t feel His presence. We didn’t see clear evidence