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Posts tagged ‘encouragement’

For Those Who Need to Know They Can

Today I’m sending some encouragement your way. Thought you might be able to use a little of that today! First – something to make you smile. Last week I drove into the school parking lot to drop my son off. We pulled up next to


You Are Made For Greater Things

Hey friend! You are amazing! Don’t ever let yourself get stuck in the negative things people have said about you. Don’t get trapped in the mistakes you’ve made or in the wounds other people have seared across your soul. Don’t listen to those who say


Frustrated? Discouraged? How You Can Change Our Culture

  Are you concerned about the direction things are going in our nation . . . in our culture? Do the problems seem overwhelming? Would you like to see things change? The answer’s within reach. The answer will encourage and empower you.  In Luke chapter


How to Finish Strong When You’re Tired of the Race

“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.”  Luke 19:10. Weary traveler – have you experienced things in your everyday life that you can’t even remotely wrap your mind around? Have you seen suffering, tragedy, and loss that extend