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Spiritual Motherhood: A Lifelong Calling

Two of my children have flown the coop. They’re soaring now far from home. A day’s drive away, there are no quick visits for lunch, dinner, or shopping. I miss them desperately. Our youngest is just two years away from college. We’re soaking in the


What is God’s Grace? Who Deserves It?

Do you ever feel like you need to get away from the craziness of everyday life? To slow your body down long enough for your soul to catch up? To breathe? To reconnect with your own heartl? To get your mind straight? Last weekend I


Does Your Church Nurture Compassion?

Welcome to The Warming House! Glad you stopped by on this cold, snowy day. It’s warm and toasty here. Hope you’re warm and toasty wherever you are. So I’ve been working on a particular book for a lot of years. Recently, I’ve renewed my commitment