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Posts tagged ‘Cross’

How The Resurrection Changes Everything

Hey friend! Thanks for stopping by. Glad you’re here! Last week I published a post focusing on the cross of Christ – something really important to reflect on! As humans we have a natural proclivity to rebel against God and an inability to live by


What Does the Cross Mean to You?

The Cross. The most pivotal symbol in history. Through the years, people have questioned its validity, rejected it, hated it, ignored it, and burned it. Others have embraced its message and cherished it. What does the cross mean to you? Around 500 B.C., the first


Jesus Knew His Destiny Before His Feet Hit the Earth

Jesus’ journey to the cross began even before the earth was created. It was always God’s plan. His appointment with the cross was no accident or failure of God. It was a pre-planned destiny. God gave us free will and knew we would eventually be