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Single Moms Saturday Series

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Next Saturday I’m starting a series for single moms.  In this series I’ll be giving them tools to teach their boys about manhood.

Yeah. I know. A woman teaching a woman how to raise her boys to manhood is highly unconventional. A father would normally do this himself.

And no. I’m not a single mom – but I did grow up in a single parent home. I also volunteered at a single moms ministry in the past.

To be honest, it makes me a little nervous to take this on. Obviously, I’m not an expert. But I believe it’s important.


Several reasons I’m doing this:

  1. Boys desperately need someone to teach them what it means to be a man. Without training, they flounder.
  2. There’s a void in our culture regarding manhood training.
  3. Over half of the homes in America have ended in divorce. As a result, Daddies are often unavailable (or don’t make themselves available) to teach their boys these things.

Mommas love their boys. In the absence of a male role model, I want to help single moms fill the gap for the good of their sons. The series begins Saturday, November 17th.

Please pass this to any single moms you know who might be interested in being better equipped to raise their boys.

If you’d like to guest post in this series, let me know. I’ll also be putting a link tool at the end of each post. If you’d like to link up a post you’ve written that helps single moms in this area, bring it on!

Thanks for stopping by. Your presence here makes my day. Look forward to seeing you again. I’ll leave the light on for you.


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