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Shabby Chic Women’s Conference Decor Ideas

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Do you ever feel the need to escape the busy and get fresh perspective? Do you hunger for space to breath and dream? Do you need to reconnect with your heart and give it some attention?

Our church recently hosted a women’s conference where we created a space in time for women to do all of those things. Our goal was to see their hearts and souls revived.

As part of the organizing team, my role was to come up with decor for the conference. I don’t consider myself to be super creative so I scoped out ideas on Pinterest. In the process, God really impressed some things on my heart that he wanted the women to know.

If you’ve been put in charge of decor at your event, maybe these ideas will inspire some of your own.

Women’s Conference Decor Ideas

womens conference decor ideas, burlap banner 

We walk through life hearing so many lies diminishing our value as human beings. As women walked in and out of our sanctuary, God wanted his daughters to walk through truth.

I cut strips of colored burlap ribbon to hang in the doorways of our sanctuary. On the strips I wrote words reminding women of their value and identity. We hung them so some of the words faced in and some faced out. We wanted women to see truth coming and going.


womens conference ideas


 womens conference ideas


Too much of the time we try to put on a pretty “face” acting like we’re okay when we’re not. We’re really good at pretending we’ve got it all together when we don’t. We’ve convinced ourselves we don’t need anything from anyone when we do. 

Ripped, raw strips of muslin with beautiful ornaments adorning them hung from the ceiling outside our coffee shop. The rough muslin signifies the fact that we’re all broken down deep without Christ. We all have pain. We all suffer. We all have a little messiness in our lives. We’re all a little rough around the edges.

Yet we’re accepted by a loving God – just the way we are.  The ornament tied to the muslin illustrates the beauty God brings out in us through our relationship with Jesus.

 womens conference ideas, muslin streamers


womens conference ideas, muslin streamers


God also inspired me with simple words.

I discovered a pallet at the recycling dumpster. We hammered some nails in and created string art. 


womens conference ideas, string art pallet

 womens conference ideas, pallet with string art


An old black door at an antique store ($17.00). created the perfect backdrop for another word. I painted wooden letters (from Hobby Lobby) then glued them onto the door. Artificial flowers were the perfect embellishment.

 womens conference ideas, letters on black vintage door


For the last word, I cut scrapbook paper into shapes reflecting our logo then applied them to a poster board with Modge Podge. The poster board was stapled to an old bulletin board with lace ribbon stapled around the edge. A burlap banner finished things off.  


womens conference ideas,  bulletin board with burlap banner


Because we wanted every woman to feel like royalty, we rolled out the red carpet for them at our entrance. I found the carpet at a special events rental company for $40 per day. A creative from our church used window markers and crayons to decorate the windows around the entrance to welcome our be-you-tiful friends.


womens conference ideas, entrance


“Sound bites” from the conference that inspired my heart:

  • The authentic call of God is always a call to follow Jesus. He calls you not once, but time after time to trust him fully, to depend on him completely, to follow him wholeheartedly.
  • The only authentic view you’ll ever have of yourself is God’s view of you.
  • Our true beauty is in the eye of the Beholder (God).
  • When you give yourself fully to Jesus, he takes who you are then gives yourself back to you refined and matured. Through him, you become more fully yourself. 
  • God has more use of your consecrated weaknesses than he will ever have for your perfected strengths.
  • We need to stop comparing ourselves to others and leave everyone else’s story to God. You need to embrace the call and adventure God has for you personally.
  • Life impact doesn’t always mean reaching large crowds. It means reaching one life at a time and helping those individuals rise up to be more like Jesus. 

What creative decor ideas have you used? Inspire the rest of us by sharing them in the comments section below. 



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