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9 Christian Organizations Worthy of Your Year-End Giving

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year-end giving  

1.  Breakaway Ministries

Breakaway is a non-denominational weekly Bible study on the Texas A&M University campus. With as many as 10,000+ students in attendance weekly, they are impacting many lives. 


breakaway ministries, year-end giving


During the college years, a trajectory for life is often established from which many adults do not waver. Breakaway is helping students establish a healthy trajectory through dynamic worship, sound Bible teaching, and resources.

Their purpose is to introduce college students to Jesus Christ and call them to walk in relationship with Him for a lifetime. 

2.  Liberty Institute

My husband and I first learned about Liberty Institute when we heard Kelly Shackelford, President and CEO, speak at a school we attended.

“Liberty Institute’s mission is to defend and restore religious liberty across America—in our schools, for our churches, inside the military, and throughout the public arena. 

When we heard Kelly speak, we quickly realized how oblivious we are about the prevalence of attacks on our religious freedoms. Believe it or not, the attacks are increasing. (Go to the Liberty Institute website to learn more.) 

“Liberty Institute fights to restore religious liberty pursuant to the principles of America’s founders—that religious freedom does not mean confining religious expression to church or home, but that true religious liberty consists of recognizing individuals’ God-given right to follow their conscience and to live and act according to their faith in every area of life.”

We’re so thankful for the work of Liberty Institute and have become monthly supporters.

3.  Kanakuk Institute

The Kanakuk Institute equips men and women for a lifetime of ministry through an eight-month graduate discipleship program featuring accomplished speakers from around the country. 

Students who attend don’t just soak in information. They process, disseminate, apply, and practice presenting Biblical truths/defending their faith verbally and intelligently.

The value of this program is indescribable and it’s impact far-reaching. 

4.  The Caring People

There are very few organizations dedicated to the needs of single moms. 

The Caring People exists because one-fourth of households in America are headed by a Single Mom. There are about 12 million single-parent households (with approximately 24 million children) in America. That number continues to escalate.

Many single moms avoid church (and consequently, God) because of the judgment they’ve received from Christians. 

The Caring People’s mission is to break down those barriers and walk the love of Jesus into the hearts of single moms through weekly care groups.

5.  John Sagherian (Youth for Christ)

When I first met John Sagherian and heard him speak, I told my husband, “John is a modern-day Paul.” He impressed me that much. 

Youth for Christ works with the local church and other like-minded partners to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus who lead by their godliness in lifestyle, devotion to the word of God and prayer, their passion for sharing the love of Christ, and a commitment to social involvement.

Everyday, YFC staff and volunteers meet with young people who need Jesus. You’ll find them at high schools, middle schools, juvenile institutions, coffee shops and local hangouts around the world. 

John Sagherian is the Regional Director for Youth for Christ in the Middle East and North Africa. 

6.  Hillcrest Transitional Housing

When I led the mission ministry at a church in Kansas City, we developed a partnership with Hillcrest because we loved their approach to ministry – helping people become self-sufficient.

Hillcrest’s primary objective is to move clients from homelessness to self-sufficiency within 90 days by addressing the total life situation of the homeless families they serve.

 Hillcrest also provides a transitional housing program for homeless teens and young adults who have an educational goal. 

Longer term transitional housing options are available to clients with excessive barriers to housing.

In exchange for rent/utility-free housing, adults are required to find full-time employment, obey program guidelines and attend weekly volunteer-taught classes in life skills, employment, community living and budgeting.

Through a network of community support, Hillcrest also provides the following to clients in the transitional housing programs: auto repair/donation, food pantry, medical assistance, dental work, GED classes, haircuts, glasses, school clothes, work uniforms, etc.

7.  Restore Her

Restore Her ministers to minor girls who are either “at risk” for sex trafficking or have been rescued from sex trafficking. They are committed to leading the nation in not only rescuing these victims, but also seeing their lives changed through a quality, Christian education. 

8. Camp Barnabas

Camp Barnabas provides Christian camping experiences to people with special needs and their siblings. Utilizing the camp venue, they provide life-changing ministry and social experiences that increase spiritual knowledge and increase human dignity. 

Camp Barnabas recognizes that disease and disability impact the whole family. They, therefore, minister to the siblings of a child with special needs by inviting them to join in the camp experience.

9. High Needs Churchs

As a member of the “body of Christ,” it’s important for us to widen our vision and sphere of compassion. There are many high needs churches around the world who do not have adequate resources to exist and operate. 

As members of the same “family,” we have the privilege of sharing with our brothers and sisters around the world.

Inner city churches are burdened with tremendous needs in their communities, yet their resources are low. A church we once partnered with received an average weekly offering of $200.00, yet the church provided a food pantry, clothing pantry, gang intervention, after-school programs, counseling and more as they answered the needs in their community. 

Churches in college towns reach a demographic that is notoriously short on funds. Offerings are small. Ministries are large. If you have a child in college, consider a donation to the church where they worship.

Churches in hostile territory. In the Middle East, churches are attacked, bombed, and burned. How does a congregation recover from that? Imagine the despair. In Jerusalem, brave Jews proclaim the gospel. 

Revive Israel 

Revive Israel is a ministry in Jerusalem working to foster revival in Israel and around the world. Their team of Israeli Messianic Jews, friends, and partners labor to fulfill the great commission of Yeshua and His disciples through one-on-one sharing of the gospel first in Jerusalem, then throughout Israel, then to their Arab neighbors, and finally to all nations.

My husband and I had the privilege of worshipping with these people when we were in Jerusalem. An unforgettable experience! We were so touched when they surrounded us and prayed for US!

The Joy of Giving

It’s so tempting to cling to our money and other resources. Yet in giving, we are like God the Father. He is a generous God who has given sacrificially for our benefit. 

“Giving” is essential and precious in our family. We’ve experienced joy, growth, and fullness of life through the act of giving. We’ve even had fun getting creative with how we give. 

“Giving” has become part of our family identity. It’s an important piece of who we are and what we’re about. I highly recommend it.

A year-end giving idea for your family:

  • Pool all your year-end financial resources. Include your children.
  • Divide the total among all your family members with each one getting an equal amount.
  • Give each family member a list of predetermined organizations your family will be giving to. Include a line item titled “Other” for a write-in organization of their choosing.
  • Allow each person to determine how much and who they would like to give to.




  1. Louanne Dietrich says:

    Lisa, thank you for bringing all of these ministries to mind today. This appears to be a good “smear” that covers the needs. A special thank you for all of your efforts for the Caring People. Reaching out to Single Moms is a great way to effect the culture.

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