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My Favorite Online Bible Study Resources

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online Bible study resources

“The Bible is not an end in itself, but a means to bring men to an intimate and satisfying knowledge of God, that they may enter into Him, that they may delight in His Presence, may taste and know the inner sweetness of the very God Himself in the core and center of their hearts.” (A. W. Tozer, The Pursuit of God)

It’s that time of year again. Kids are going back to school. Moms everywhere are breathing easier and returning to normal schedules. Fall Bible studies are kicking in.

I absolutely relish the discovery of God and the sweetness of His presence experienced through Bible study. Digging here and digging there, he constantly reveals his majesty and goodness in fresh ways. There’s always something  beneficial for my situation . . . or for my refinement as a Christian.

In the beginning, I solely read scripture. No real studying. Years later, I began to study in-depth. That’s when the real adventure began. Don’t get me wrong. Reading scripture is sweet. Kind of like getting the brownie on your plate. For me, studying in-depth is like adding the ice cream and hot fudge sauce.

There are tons of Bible study resources literally at your fingertips through the internet. Just be careful to check the doctrinal beliefs of your sources. Make sure they’re in harmony with the Bible.

Here are some of my favorite online Bible study tools. Most are free.

Studylight.org ~ Free online Bible study tools and resources.

BibleGateway.com ~ You can search scripture by keyword, passage, or topic. There are reading plans, devotionals, and audio Bibles too. All free.

biblegateway.com, bible study resources

Logos.com ~ This site holds more than 33,000 electronic Bible study resources in over 30 different languages. Sermons and sermon illustrations are available too. This gives you pretty much everything you could possibly need in electronic form; however, there’s a fee to gain access to this info.

Blueletterbible.org ~ Commentaries, study tools, maps, devotionals, scripture search. Free.

Biblehub.com ~ Free access to numerous Bible study tools . . . maps, parallel verses, scripture verses in context, cross-references, Greek/Hebrew root words, commentaries, and more. Excellent site.

Biblehub.com, bible study tools

Biblia.com ~ Free access to a collection of Bibles and Bible reference works. You can use a Bible side-by-side with helps or reference books. You can also use this site to look up cross-references. Love this!

biblia.com, bible study tools, cross-referencing

Just type in your scripture reference.

Bible study tools, Biblia.com, cross-referencing

Choose how many columns you want to display.

biblia.com, bible study tools, cross-referencing

Choose which translation you want to use in each column.

biblia.com, bible study tools, cross-referencing

Hover over the little blue letters to see address of the cross-reference and right-click. This locks it in.

biblia.com, online bible study tools, cross-referencing

Move the cursor to hover over the displayed cross-referenced verse (without clicking) to see that entire verse in print.

biblia.com, cross-referencing, online bible study tools

Click on that reference to go to the precise place that verse is found in the Bible. Click the small black arrow to go back to your original page.

Cross-referencing scripture is essential in digging for God’s intended meaning. Too many times, people assign their own meaning to one verse without investigating other verses across the Bible to determine what God is truly communicating to us. Biblia.com makes cross-referencing fun and easy.

Additional Online Resources:

Probe.org ~ Awesome site. Sound, Biblical doctrine. Apologetics. World religions. Podcasts. Much more. Free.

Carm.org ~ Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry. Promotes and defends Christian gospel, doctrine, and theology.

Which online Bible study tools do you use?

So glad you stopped by today. Have a wonderful day and come back again. 




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