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Lisa Button Preaching on Thankfulness at Woods Chapel Church Nov 2014 from Lisa Button on Vimeo

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Thanks for stopping by my speaker’s page. If you’re looking for light entertainment for your event, I’ll tell you that I’m not your girl. If you want meat . . . substance . . . something that challenges your group and works its way down deep into their hearts . . . then you’re at the right place. My hope is to see God bring transformation during my time with your group.

This is what you can expect from me as your Christian speaker:

  • Someone who has been formally trained in the Bible and is careful to present information in harmony with its teachings
  • A woman who has a sincere passion for Jesus Christ
  • A relatable woman who will spend time meeting/greeting after speaking
  • Pre-event communications with sponsor
  • Professionalism
  • Someone who has spoken effectively to groups from 20 to several hundred
  • Promotion of your event through my blog, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Follow-up after the event to receive feedback


Have a look around and let me know if you have any questions.

I’d be happy to share any of the following messages at your college ministry event, women’s event, in the pulpit on Sunday morning, or at a workshop or training.

View my FAQ page for my statement of faith.  If you’d like to receive my “Belief Statement” on doctrines of the Bible, just ask. I’d be happy to send it to you.


If you’d like to learn more about me, visit my About page.

Speaking Topics:

You Were Made For An Extraordinary Life

Lisa believes it’s her legacy to glorify the One who gave her breath so she exposes her scars to reveal God’s glory. Through the story God has written with her life, audiences will see an extraordinary portrait of God’s patience, mercy, unconditional love, restoration, and redemption as she dared to become wholly his. They will walk away believing God can truly love them, forgive them, heal them, and desire to give them an extraordinary life no matter what they’ve done in the past. In the end, they will learn to be more authentic with each other, will view their scars differently, and will gain complete confidence God has the ability to use their wounds for his glory.

The Truth About Authentic Compassion

Compassion has become very trendy today especially among college-age young adults. In all honesty, our society is currently being fed a load of lies regarding compassion. This presentation sets the record straight by defining what authentic compassion is (and what it isn’t). It also identifies the difference between a compassion that helps vs. compassion that hurts, clarifies the true meaning of tolerance, explains how we receive the ability to demonstrate authentic compassion, and how evangelism and authentic compassion are interrelated. This is a powerful message that needs to be heard – particularly among millenials.

Pursuing a Lifestyle of Scandalous Compassion

Studies reveal Christianity has an image problem – especially among young adults. In our culture, Christians are overwhelmingly viewed as cold, uncaring, and judgmental. This presentation addresses that issue by challenging mindsets, defining compassion, reminding audiences who Christ was most compassionate toward, and examining how He demonstrated it. Your group will come face-to-face with the scandalous compassion God has for the dirtiest of sinners. The gospel message is woven seamlessly throughout. This message gets audiences thinking and sparks meaningful discussion. Participants will examine their hearts and present culture of the church. Concludes with a powerful call to embrace God’s compassion in personal lives and demonstrate it to others. This is an empowering message for those who long to believeGod could actually love them, and for those who desire to reflect Christ’s heart accurately in the world.


Together a Force for Good

Inspired by her past experiences developing and leading a thriving church mission ministry, this presentation is about mobilizing the church. There’s never been a greater need for the Church to engage with the culture than there is today. This message challenges individuals to “wake the sleeping giant” (the church); move beyond the walls of the local church; rub elbows with a hurting world; purely love the last, the least, and the lost personally; and speak life to those who desperately need to hear it. In essence, to embody the gospel. Participants will be inspired by Lisa’s stories illustrating, “Together we’re a force for good,” and will understand the power and impact of Christians acting in community – whether you’re a large church or small.


(Speaking to summer staff at Kids Across America kamps)

The Dangerous Truth About Pornography

We live in an over-sexualized culture that mainstreams pornography every chance it gets. Lisa shares real statistics and facts about the dangers of pornography because people need to hear truth to find life. Pornography is the #1 cause of rape, divorce, and sex trafficking. It’s damaging effects are the greatest threat to the church, the family, and the ministries of pastors and youth pastors. Lisa leaves audiences with encouragement and practical tips for recovery and healing. This message is particularly beneficial for the church, parents, youth, and young adults. 

He Never Lets Go

According to Jeremiah 9:23-24, the goal of life is to know and understand God; however, very few Christians are Biblically literate and only 9% of older adults/3% of younger adults have a Biblical worldview. This heartwarming and informative presentation gives a complete overview of the entire Bible using visual aids to enhance understanding. Audiences will enjoy authentic views into the heart of God, understand the Bible’s underlying theme, and grasp how it all fits together in one magnificent story.

YouTube video clip from my Overview of the Bible (Part1): 

Additional optional session for “He Never Lets Go:”

At His Feet

In this presentation, Lisa teaches participants how to study the Bible, offers a list of recommended resources for study, explains how God brings understanding, shares proofs to support the fact that we can trust His Word, and explains the critical importance of learning personally from Him.

Learning to Live From the Inside Out – Living a Godly Faith in an Ungodly World

Inspiration and strategies for moving beyond “religion” to “relationship” . . . beyond the “transaction” to a “sold-out life” with Christ at the center. Paul and Daniel show us what it looks like to live from the inside out. They are men who encountered our very real God in a very real way and it rocked their worlds. What they found in that relationship was so irresistible and satisfying, it was worth far more than anything the world offered. It was worth giving everything up for. Everything in their lives flowed out of their relationship with the God they deeply loved. They resisted human nature, persevered under persecution, did not bend to cultural influences, and loved as God loves. That’s precisely the heart of this message . . . learning to live a life where everything flows out from that love relationship with Christ.

Parenting With Purpose (The Essential Need for Intentional Parenting Today)

Drawing from Biblical truth, her personal experiences as a parent, and her work in Children’s Ministry and discipling college students, Lisa encourages, equips, and empowers parents with intentional strategies for raising godly children in our ungodly world. Parents will understand the urgent need to recognize and reclaim their responsibility to intentionally train and equip their children. They will gain confidence as they are encouraged and nurtured with easy strategies to implement at home.

How to Build Family Unity and Bondedness

Unity is an attribute of successful families. Learn how to create family unity through specific activities, a family mission statement, a family crest, and personal responsibility. Hear how you can preserve that unity through boundaries, codes of conduct, and the secure foundation of Jesus Christ.

Christianity in the Business World

This is presented by husband and wife team, Mike and Lisa Button. Mike shares his incredible story of perseverance; secrets to success; how to maintain integrity in the business world; how to live out your faith in the business world; as well as scripture verses to live by. Lisa shares a spouse’s perspective on how a husband’s integrity in business and life impacts the family as a whole. Her words help young women gain perspective about the qualities to look for in a future spouse.

Modern-Day Slaves

Human trafficking is defined as: Involuntary servitude that involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to compel children and adults to perform different forms of labor or services (including commercial sex acts) where anything of value is exchanged – and they are held against their will. Human trafficking is one of the fastest growing criminal industries in the world.

This is a complicated issue many don’t understand whether it’s the reality of how it works, what causes it, what fuels the demand, the legal system, the lack of cooperation by law enforcement, how to restore its victims, how they get trapped in the industry, the best way to address the issue, etc. The purpose of this presentation it to educate and increase awareness of a travesty imprisoning approximately 27,000,000 men, women, and children in forced slavery today.


Sharing “Treasuring Christ at Christmas” with women at First Baptist Church



Speaking at First Baptist Church Women’s Christmas Event

Treasuring Christ at Christmas

A heartfelt message refocusing participants on the beauty of the Christmas story. Offers new insight into pieces of the ancient story that are as relevant today as they were back then. It’s all about treasuring Jesus and recognizing how God treasures us.

God With Us (Being present with others as Jesus abides in us)

God’s Provision (The gifts of the magi)

A Light for Our Darkness (Remembering Jesus as the light of the world)

A Gift Worth Celebrating (Traditions celebrating Jesus’ birth)

A Story Worth Sharing (Making God’s story known among our families)

What Others Are Saying:

“When you were speaking I felt like you wanted to give me a hug. I felt you wanted to hug all of us.” Ben S.

“I like how you started with us, then went to God, then told your story, then came back to us.” Kristin R.

“You are very relatable! So knowledgeable, but you relate the info understandably and genuinely. You communicate your passion so well.” Joy O.

“You have a great gift to take the facts and relate them to our hearts. Wow! Very well done.” Lauren K.

“Lisa opened my eyes even wider to God and all He is and has done for me and how much He really loves me.” Teenage girl

“You touched my heart to the point of tears.” Karen

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