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How The Resurrection Changes Everything

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Hey friend! Thanks for stopping by. Glad you’re here!

Last week I published a post focusing on the cross of Christ – something really important to reflect on!


The empty tomb in Jerusalem by Lisa@TheWarmingHouse

As humans we have a natural proclivity to rebel against God and an inability to live by his perfect standards. This leaves us in a dangerous and doomed position.

Like anyone who’s broken the law, there’s a penalty to be paid: physical and spiritual death as well as separation from God. (God’s perfect holiness and our sin cannot co-exist in the same place.)

Jesus paid the penalty we owe when he suffered and died on the cross.

If Jesus had died without a resurrection, it would have ended there. His death would have been an incredibly kind gesture but that would have been the end of the story. It would have accomplished nothing.


Jerusalem by Lisa@TheWarmingHouse

The resurrection changed everything!

The resurrection is:

  • Proof that God accepted the sacrifice Jesus made for us.
  • Evidence that God considered his sacrifice sufficient to secure our forgiveness and eternal life with him in heaven.

Through the resurrection:

  • Jesus proved he is who he says he is – the perfect Son of God who had the ability and authority to pay our ransom and free us from the control of sin and its consequences. God now sees his followers through the lens of Jesus’ righteousness.
  • Jesus successfully completed his mission on earth and validated every one of his claims.
  • Because Jesus rose to life, he gives everlasting life to those who follow him.

If you question the fact that Jesus really came back to life, check out this post:

Here’s the most compelling evidence for me:

Every one of Jesus’ disciples was willing to suffer and die for his beliefs.

Each of his disciples spent their remaining years telling people what Jesus had done. They suffered extreme persecution for their beliefs. For the rest of their years! In the end, most of them died a horrendous martyr’s death. Not one of them renounced his faith.

If you knew something was a lie, would you continue to stand by the lie while you were being persecuted, beaten and imprisoned? I wouldn’t.

If you knew the resurrection was a lie and you were threatened with death, would you stick to your story as your head hung through the guillotine, or as they nailed you to a cross, or as they threw you into a vat of boiling oil? Of course not.

These men knew the truth. They stood by it to the bitter end.

How Did Each of the Apostles Die? (gotquestions.org)

Another piece of evidence:

One of my favorite things in life is to see the miracles God performs in human hearts. When I see a person overcome bitterness, anger, hurt, despair, addictions, and unthinkable challenges, I see evidence of the power of the living Christ alive and at work in that person.

To me, this is also conclusive evidence of his resurrection.

His resurrection changes everything in the here and now – and in our future!

What kind of miracle has God performed in your heart? How has he resurrected your life?


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  1. Tarissa says:

    Lisa, your love for Jesus always shines through, but I could really feel your passion for others to know Him during Holy Week.

    I also find the transformation of the disciples from running, scared, deniers of Jesus to on-fire, willing to die for Him, proclaimers of Jesus to be the most compelling evidence of His resurrection. Something transformed them and I believe it was seeing Him out of the grave. Can you imagine it?! Seeing the resurrected Christ with your own eyes!

    Oh goodness, every time that hits me fresh, I get all choked up. Still struggle with how undeserving I am to share in His resurrection. But grateful, so grateful.

    • LMB says:

      Tarissa – thanks so much for taking time to stop in and read my post. I sure appreciate your comment and your heart for Jesus. I’m with you . . . so grateful for what he’s done for us!

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