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Garden-Fresh Veggie Salad

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veggie salad

Last summer, my husband and I traveled to Italy. We visited our son who studied in Florence over his summer break from college. Eating out typically causes me to feel heavy and sluggish after a while.

In Italy, the food was consistently succulent and fresh – and absolutely exceptional! I felt great throughout the trip.

Apparently, preservatives are banned by law from foods in Italy. Recently, the ban was dropped. After a tremendous outcry from the Italian people, the ban was reinstated. That simple principle in Italian culture has earned my respect.

The Danger of Preservatives

Commonplace in American foods, preservatives are chemicals that control flavor, aroma, and shelf-life.  

They may cause an increased risk of cancer, hyperactivity in children, asthma, and reduced heart health. They also mess with metabolism. See more here.

For tips on how to avoid the food additives and preservatives your child intakes, click here. 

And here’s for a printable list that will help you identify additives and preservatives on food labels.

Fresh and Healthy Recipe

My personal health – and my family’s health – are extremely important. As “Chief Chef” in our home, I have been focusing recently on buying and preparing foods as close to their original form as possible. This eliminates processing, additives and preservatives.

It’s the healthiest way to go. Fresh is best!

veggie salad

Here’s a veggie salad recipe for you to prepare for your family using the freshest ingredients – with the exception of the artichoke hearts. When choosing tomatoes for this dish, look for heirloom varieties. Heirlooms haven’t been altered by modern-day scientists.

 veggie salad


What are you doing to feed your family healthier meals?





  1. Kathleen says:

    Salad looks yummy. I’m planning a luncheon this week and I may use your recipe! Did not know Italy’s ban on preservatives. Interesting!

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