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Creating “Home” With Fall Home Decor

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fall home decor

When I was a little girl, my mother adorned our home in seasonal splendor. I can remember walking in the door one day to see ornate angels hanging from the ceiling by fishing line around our Christmas tree. They appeared to be decorating the tree!

Years ago, her home was actually featured in a Southern Living book. If you happen to have one of their previous books, the theme was “A Teddy Bear Christmas.”

The celebration of the seasons created a magical and whimsical ambience in our home. As a child, it caused me to feel safe and happy.

As a result, I’m a nut for seasonal decor in my home – especially fall home decor. Creating “home” is one of the ways I have loved my family through the years. My family needs (and deserves) a warm and wonderful sanctuary to come home to each day.

I have always done my best to provide this through my decor,  home-cooked meals, homey-scented candles burning, and through a home that’s relatively clean and free of clutter – with the exception of my kitchen desk and the corner of my island where mail and other urgent items seem to collect!

God and family ground us. Home is the primary place where that happens. 

Celebrating the seasons is also a way for me to honor God. He’s the master designer after all.  Why wouldn’t we celebrate his creativity and seasonal gifts to us?

Here are some of the ways I’m warming up my home for Fall this year.

fall home



fall home


We cherish guests in our home. Making them feel welcome the minute they arrive is my goal. 


fall home


A cozy front porch lets them know we’re glad their lives are intersecting with ours.


fall home


I bought this cozy little rooster lamp at a silent auction years ago. He’s nestled perfectly in this corner of my kitchen. 


fall home


 A little pumpkin on a cupcake stand keeps him company.


fall home


I use lanterns throughout my home. Here’s one hanging on the shelf by my back door. A fall wreath, blanket, and pumpkin create Fall coziness.


fall home


 Bring fall’s finest indoors by scattering pinecones and leaves among items on a shelf. 


fall home


For some reason, I’ve developed a passion for birch wood. Maybe it’s because of my love for the mountains. Birch bark resembles the aspen trees cascading down many mountainsides. The variations in the bark and the knotty marks add character and beauty.  If you don’t have birch tress growing in your yard, you can buy birch logs and poles online. I purchased some from Crate and BarrelWilson Evergreens, and Michael’s Craft Stores. Because I love and appreciate you, here’s a link to Crate and Barrel coupons.


fall home 

And of course, my squooshy pumpkins! I have several of these in my home. 


fall home


As an outdoor girl, these old books captured my eye at an antique store. I couldn’t resist! Resting on a blanket next to a pillow creates an inviting vignette. Tucking in berries and the squooshy pumpkin adds just the right touch of Fall. 


fall home


This is one of my favorite cozy spots. The pillow has a wondrous mountain scene with a log cabin, deer, and a man who’s fly fishing. Sometimes Fall decor is about the simplest touches, like this pumpkin nestled on this thick, lush blanket. The blanket is from .Sundance.


fall home



fall home



fall home


We bought this candle holder in Utah. It’s made from native stone from that area. The variations in the stone cast a captivating glow.


fall home


Finally, a little pumpkin who’s made its home on a bittersweet candle ring in a nest. 

Is your heart turned toward home? Do you recognize the value of “home” as a refuge for the tired souls who walk in your door? Do you recognize its importance to  your family? 

Obviously this goes far beyond decorations to the very heart and soul of the family . . . to the love and grace shared there. So how will you stoke the “homefires” at your house this Fall? 

I’d love to hear how you create “home” for your family in the Fall! Leave a comment to share your ideas.

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  1. Lori says:

    I used to go all out for the seasons and holidays. Had to find the “perfect” branch for an Easter tree! The whole nine yards. With our busy schedules I seem to have let that go in these past years. Thanks for the motivation to get my “stuff” out again! Love it!! My mother also always decorated. It’s the memories of it that I cherish. Want my kids to have that too.

    • Lisa Button says:

      Hi Lori! I’d love to see pictures of that Easter tree! Sounds great. As our kids get older, it’s so easy to let these kinds of things go. I can relate! It’s exciting to hear you may revive this in your home again. You’re a great “home” maker, and have a wonderful sense of “home” already. This will only amplify that. It will reignite a sense of wonder in your kids and give them even more good memories.

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