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Christmas Activities and Traditions to Help You Treasure Jesus

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Last night I got to spend the evening with some beautiful people at the First Baptist Church women’s Christmas event.

Wonderful music. Stirred my heart. Gorgeous tablescapes. Delicious food. Great turnout. Almost 300 women!

Christmas Activites and Traditons mywarminghouse.com

Women’s Christmas Event

Beauties on the left side of the room. Sorry! Cut off the tables on the left edge.

Christmas Activities and Traditons mywarmhinghouse.com

Women’s Christmas Event

More beauties on the right side of the room. Whoa! Picture’s a little blurry. Cut off another table. Sorry again!

I love it when the girls come together!

For those who misplaced my handout at the event last night, here’s a little recap of what I talked about.

Treasuring Jesus This Christmas

Clinging to God in the Waiting

Advent is a time of waiting, reflection, and preparation. Turning hearts to Christ.

God is in the waiting:

Preparing our hearts
Demonstrating his faithfulness
Intensifying our appreciation
Helping us treasure Christ


One way to cling to God in the waiting during Advent ~

Advent calendars and devotions

  • Lisa’s Advent Calendar of Simple Activities and Readings to capture the heart of Christmas: 


Excellent Advent Devotionals (all free):

Another fun idea from Pinterest:


Wrap twenty-five children’s books. Put them under the tree with a blanket next to them. Before bed each night, let your kids choose one book to open and read it together.

Treasuring Jesus – God With Us

Mankind made the choice to be sinful, suffering, and separated from God. Jesus made the choice to join us in our suffering. To walk with us through the consequences of our sin. He is “God with us.”  God with the messy, broken, damaged, imperfect, confused, sin-filled, outcasts . . . loving, giving, serving, listening, holding, feeding, comforting, sacrificing.


What better way to treasure Jesus at Christmas than to treasure those he loves . . . those he wants to have a relationship with . . . those whose situations break his heart.

  • How can you be present with others like he chose to be present with us?
  • How can you freely give without condition as he did?
  • How can you serve those in need?

Treasuring Jesus – God’s Provision

Jesus is God’s greatest provision for our most desperate need. God also provides for us in many other ways.


Recognize God’s provision in your life by hanging  paper on a door or refrigerator for your family to write gifts God’s already given. (Idea from Ann Voskamp)

Treasuring Jesus – A Light for Our Darkness 

Jesus said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12


  • Set a place for Jesus at your table. Light a white candle at his place at mealtime throughout the Advent season.
  • Go see Christmas lights with friends/family. Wear your jamas. Go by your favorite coffee shop first to buy a cup of your favorite hot drink to sip on the way. Or make your own and take it with you.

Click here for our favorite hot chocolate recipe from Paula Deen.

Treasuring Jesus – A Gift Worth Celebrating

A celebration activity ~

Jesus’ Birthday Cake

  • One red layer: Signifying Jesus’ blood shed for us to pay our debt and reconcile us to God.
  • One green layer: Representing the eternal life we have through him.
  • Yellow icing: For the birthday of the Son of Righteousness who is light for our darkness.
  • White taper in the middle: Signifying Jesus at the center of our lives.
  • Small candles around perimeter of cake (one for each family member): Our lives revolving around Jesus.
  • Light family candles with Jesus candle: Thank Jesus for his light that shines in us. Sing happy birthday to Jesus.

Treasuring Jesus – A Story Worth Sharing

Jesus’ story is definitely one worth sharing with your family – or just reflecting on personally.


After all of your Christmas Eve activities, go home, put your jamas on, grab a blanket and pillows. Meet your family/friends/yourself by the Christmas tree. Turn off all the lights in your home. Plug in the Christmas tree lights. Light a candle(s). Build a fire if you have a fireplace. Read the Christmas story out loud. (Luke 2:1-20 and Matthew 2:1-12)

Through Jesus, God shows us how much he treasures each of us. If we would begin to treasure Christ the way he treasures us, we woud all see Christmas miracles . . . the miracle of changed hearts.

O come let us adore him . . .



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  2. And that my dear sister is what makes you the treasure you are…your sharing, caring beautiful heart and spirit! They reflect and emulate the best qualities of the “God” we serve! Lisa, you make my spirit and heart smile so very much! God bless!

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