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Choosing the Perfect Chair For Your Home

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perfect chair

The chair.

One of the most important pieces in the life of your home.

Think about it. 

They are a place to:

  • Rest at the end of the day. Sinking in. Breathing slow. Warming bones by the fire.

If it’s the right chair, it doesn’t take too long to get comfortable in it.  Robert DeNiro

  • Sit loyally next to a sick friend or family member’s bed.
  • Rock our babies and grandbabies . . . generations of infants cradled in arms.
  • Gather for conversation with friends. The chairs in my home hold memories of precious inhabitants and conversations past. 
  • Sit in solitude.

I had three chairs in my house; one for solitude, two for friendship, three for society. Henry David Thoreau

  • Process, think and reflect on life’s treasures.
  • View the landscape.
  • Meet with God.
  • Cheer for favorite teams.  
  • Curl up with a book
  • Watch great movie story lines unfold.
  • Work/write

 “A house that does not have one warm comfy chair in it, is soulless.” May Sarton

There is no doubt about  the important purposes a chair serves,

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing the perfect chair for your home:

What will you use the chair for?

Functional or fashionable? For comfort? For dining at the table, working at the desk,  or relaxing at the end of the day?  

Obviously the  purpose will influence the type of chair you choose

Love this chair in the corner of the room. It creates a cozy nook for reading.


reading nook


Where will your chair be located in the room?

If you’re looking for a chair to place in the center of your room, choose carefully. You might like the look of those wing-backed chairs, but high backs can potentially obstruct views and disrupt flow if they’re placed in the center of a room.  These may be better near a wall.


perfect chair


perfect chair


If your chair will be at a table or desk, make sure it’s the right height to fit comfortably underneath.

What is your style?

Furniture helps create the “feel” of a home.

So what’s your style? Country chic? French Country? Formal? Contemporary? Traditional? Texas/Western Chic? Old World? Eclectic? Whimsical?


perfect chair

 This chair is full of character! We saw this at a resort we visited.

“I like “nice” without a lot of fuss or formality as my home was designed to convey a welcoming and comfortable feel. My style is rustic elegance. This style includes some nature-inspired elements and ruggedness mixed with “pretty. Think mountain lodges or rustic wood and nice fabrics.


perfect chair


And what about leg style? Paint or stain? Upholstery, wicker, or wooden?

Know your style before you shop.


Tight? Tufted back? Loose and soft for comfort?


perfect chair

 Love the softness of this chair we found in a bed & breakfast.


Upholstery adds to the ambience you’re creating in your home. Which fabric will help you accomplish that? What types of fabric do you like? 

Sweetly feminine?

 pink chair 2

Simply neutral?



Colorfully patterned?


perfect chair

 Rustic chair in my home


What texture do you prefer in the fabric? 

Consider the amount of wear and tear your furniture will receive. If you have children, you’ll want to look for a fabric that’s durable.  You’ll want your fabric to last as long as possible!


Choosing the perfect chair for your home is an investment. Check these sites for some excellent information about the type of construction to look for.

What to Look For In the Anatomy of a Chair

How to Select a Comfortable Upholstered Chair

Your Budget

A final consideration is the amount of money you have to spend. 

Guide to Modern Chairs

Click here for A Complete Guide to Modern Chairs. In this guide, One Kings Lane presents the history of the chair and how they evolved after the Victorian Era. A great tribute to the modern chair. 

Establishing a sense of “home” is a crucial emphasis in decorating. The pieces of furniture you buy play a strong role in creating a healthy, comfortable, inviting, and loving environment for you and your family.

Remember: Your home is a sanctuary for those you love.

Keep that in mind as you choose the perfect chair or sofa or wall hangings or paint colors or anything else you’ll surround your family with as they walk in the door.

What’s your favorite chair? Is there a chair in your home that holds special memories?

Lisa ~

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