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Jesus’ Death, Resurrection, and the Day In-Between

Graves outside eastern wall of temple in Jerusalem  The day in between. A day to contemplate the whirlwind events of the week. From a day of celebration, adoration, and praise as Jesus entered Jerusalem to his brutal death and the dissipation of his band of


Why Christian Parents Should Vote

  Hi friend! I’m writing this post today because I desperately love my children and want the best possible future for them. I know you feel the same way about your children so I’m going to say this plain and simple. Good parents vote.  Being


Creating “Home” With Fall Home Decor

When I was a little girl, my mother adorned our home in seasonal splendor. I can remember walking in the door one day to see ornate angels hanging from the ceiling by fishing line around our Christmas tree. They appeared to be decorating the tree!


The Drifter

Every Thursday my husband, Mike, takes our son to Bible study at the local McDonald’s. It’s a great weekly ritual of Micky D’s breakfast with friends and a dedicated teacher who helps them unravel the meaning of scripture and apply it to their lives. This


Sweetness in Suffering 4/22/11

Mountain View “A mountain view can literally take your breath away. Getting a clearer view of God can do the same. Here at the Warming House, you’ll find truth that will help you know and understand who God is and how He feels about you.