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Biblical Reasons to Vote

  Today is election day. The outcome of this election has the potential to take our country much farther away from the fundamental beliefs, principles, and freedoms this nation was founded on. Many know the devastating price it took to gain and uphold the freedoms


Spiritual Motherhood: A Lifelong Calling

Two of my children have flown the coop. They’re soaring now far from home. A day’s drive away, there are no quick visits for lunch, dinner, or shopping. I miss them desperately. Our youngest is just two years away from college. We’re soaking in the


Because Suffering Together is Better

  Years ago my husband took me to Muir Woods, a redwood forest in California. Standing silent and wonderstruck at the base of those trees, I sensed something sacred.  Although redwoods reach to monumental heights, their root system is shallow. If they were made to


9 Christian Organizations Worthy of Your Year-End Giving

     1.  Breakaway Ministries Breakaway is a non-denominational weekly Bible study on the Texas A&M University campus. With as many as 10,000+ students in attendance weekly, they are impacting many lives.      During the college years, a trajectory for life is often established


20 Unique Gifts That Give Back in 2014

  As you shop this holiday season, how would you like to: Help people see clearly. Improve the quality of life for over 20,000 people in Rwanda. Feed the hungry in America. Support peace efforts in the Congo. Provide sustainable employment for women in Africa.


Fourteen Things Children of Divorce Need to Know

I’m a child of divorce. What about you? Overcoming the fallout of divorce is a process, isn’t it friend?  You and I understand the child’s heart that can still live inside an adult body.  Even when God has worked miracles of healing in us, feelings


Supporting a Grieving Parent. 6 Things to Know.

When someone you know is going through a crisis, do you sometimes have trouble knowing what to do to help? Does comforting someone sometimes feel awkward? Are you afraid you’ll say or do something wrong? It’s always easier to comfort someone when we have walked through


Restore: The Story of Compassion for a Girl Trafficked

She volunteers with Restore Her. As a victim of sexual abuse herself, Beth is a perfect person to love on the young girls in this place . . . the only long-term care facility existing within the United States for trafficked minors.   Here’s a story she shared with


Mission Trip Scholarship Finalists

The Wooded Path What is “missions”? What does it mean? For some of you it means financially supporting a missionary overseas. For some it means volunteering in a local food pantry  For some it means going on a mission trip, sharing the gospel, starting a new church or training