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All-Out Faith

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Our son bungee jumping with Alpin Raft in Interlaken, Switzerland. http://alpinraft.ch/

Welcome! In my last post I talked about our crazy flight to Italy. Today I’m sharing the flip side – the adventure of the return home. 

After an unforgettable adventure throughout nine Italian cities and two towns in Switzerland, we began our westward journey home.

On our flight out of Germany there were delays, mechanical difficulties, and rerouting from one plane to another. We arrived in Chicago with only about 40 minutes to spare until our connecting flight took off. It was the last flight of the day to our hometown. 

We waited in ridiculous lines at passport control and customs, caught the train to another terminal (the train was late), then made our way through a very long security line. As I finished tying my shoes, I heard the last call for our flight.

Exhausted and lugging a heavy backpack, I literally sprinted full out in the direction of our flight. I’m a runner, but I have never run so hard for so long in all my life – especially with so much weight on my back! I know I looked ridiculous but I didn’t care. My mind was intent on that gate toward home. When I was completely wasted, I pushed myself on.

As I ran, I noted the gate numbers. At one point, the numbers skipped from 24-ish to 27-ish  My gate was hidden down a small hallway out of sight. My husband and son had disappeared ahead of me so I had to ask questions in order to find it. 

When I finally reached the gate, my husband, son, and gate attendant were holding the door open just a few seconds longer for me to board. Yes! I settled into my seat on the plane breathless but thankful I would be sleeping in my own bed that night.

What if our Christian faith were like that? What is we were to run like crazy toward God giving this Christian life everything we’ve got instead of getting distracted by the challenges, temptations, and the deception we experience everyday? 

We’re all running after something. A lot of the worldly stuff we’re enticed by has no relevance to our eternity, and it doesn’t add real value to our daily living. Instead, it often leaves us with doubt, disillusionment, damage, disappointment, and emptiness.

God wants better for us – and he’s made it available to us through a relationship with him.

What if we abandoned ourselves completely to a fully committed relationship with Jesus . . . studying his life, applying his teachings, following his example, enjoying his presence, giving him total control, believing his promises, championing his cause, and living for his glory and fame? What would that look like in our homes, families, businesses and communities?

What if we pushed aside everything else and looked for satisfaction, fulfillment, significance, and purpose in relationship with him – instead of predominantly looking for it in careers, mommyhood, marriage, social media tribes, volunteer positions, fit bodies, fat bank accounts, education, friend groups, and all the other stuff in our world today?

What if we stepped up the pace and refused to care how “ridiculous” we look to the world as we run with all-out devotion to the One who loves us so well? (Hebrews 12:1)

What if . . . 

I’ve chased after really stupid things in my life. I can tell you without hesitation that you’ll discover legitimate purpose, significance, and identity when you give up the stupid things and embrace those “what ifs”.

Daring to run hard toward Christ is worth every agonizing step. It literally brings a sense of authentic hope and anticipation for what lies ahead. Your heart and soul will be elevated to a higher plane as you experience acceptance, exhilaration, freedom, release, and peace.

Bottom line: Fullness of life is realized in the company of the One who satisfies the soul. Nothing else compares. Nothing else can bring that fullness.

One last thought:

For the moment, God is patiently holding the door open for us to come in and experience the life that is truly life in the here and now . . . and in the future as we take our place in heaven. (2 Peter 3:8-9John 10:10)

There will come a day; however, when that door will close. Christ will keep his promise to return to earth. When he does, he’ll judge mankind. Those who have not been reconciled to God through an authentic relationship with Jesus will miss the “flight.” (2 Peter 3:10-12Acts 17:30-31)

I hope you make it on board. I’d love to share the journey with you.

Do you need a change of pace? It’s easy to get lazy in relationship with Jesus. How can you participate in that relationship wholeheartedly from day to day?

Or do you need a change of direction? I didn’t run to all the other gates at the airport. I ran to the one that would take me home. What about you?

Thanks for visiting today. Your presence makes me smile.

Living fully, loving deeply, embracing the adventure with God . . .





  1. Liana says:

    Amazing post Lisa … incredible analogies of your journey here and our journey to the Safe Haven … thank you so much for sharing … you must be exhausted and in need of a holiday :-).

  2. Carey says:

    “Daring to run hard toward Christ is worth every agonizing step.” What a priceless quote, Lisa. It is agonizing at times. It is worth it. Many times that is the one thing we don’t believe strongly enough, and it accounts for much of our non-serious attitude about our faith. It IS worth it… HE is worth it.

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