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A Scriptural Prayer For Your Sick Child

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In a previous post, Praying for a Sick Child, I shared the story of my son’s heart surgery, how God answered my whole-hearted request, and graciously taught me how to pray.

Our God, proving once again how real he is . . . providing glaring evidence of his existence. 

Today I want to share a prayer (based on scripture) for parents to use as they pray for a sick child – because sometimes the words are impossible to find when the diagnosis is incomprehensible.

I know the reality of hurting so badly you can’t find words to pray. There was a time in my life when I just sat in silence before God. That, in and of itself, was prayer. 

Coming empty. Devoid of words. Wasted in strength. Placing ourselves before the throne of grace.

In those times when the diagnosis is heart-breaking and we can’t find words, God hears our hearts.

When the words won’t come, friends and family can stand in the gap – uttering those concerns with lips able to speak on our behalf.

As you read this prayer, you’ll see scripture addresses. I’m not including links to those addresses like I normally do. The reason? If you’re in a crisis situation, the best thing is for you to put your hands on a physical Bible, crack open its pages, and drink in the words. As you do, you create opportunities for God to lead you to other verses that might be helpful.

Take his words to heart. They. Are. Life.

As you pray, remember how important it is for you and your spouse to be united as you pray for a sick child.  Carry your child to God together.

A Prayer When Your Child is Seriously Ill

Strong and Faithful Father,

My heart is breaking for my child, (insert child’s name here). The weight of this situation is so heavy it’s difficult to breathe. My words choke out in fragments. Sometimes they don’t come at all. Articulating thoughts requires more energy than I have, so I just sit in silence.

My strength is gone. I’m anxious, Father. This situation doesn’t make sense to me. My child, (insert name here), is so innocent and vulnerable. I don’t understand why this is happening.

Help me to trust you with (child’s name) life . . .  with every aspect of this situation . . . with all the pieces of my life. Keep me from attempting to rely on my own understanding because there is no way to understand this. 

Help me trust you with all my heart – not just part of it. I acknowledge that everything in the heavens and earth – everything that is precious to me including (child’s name) – belongs to you. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

This is your kingdom not mine. I adore you and recognize you are in control of everything. (1 Chronicles 29:11; 1)

Your ways are higher than my ways. Your thoughts are higher than my thoughts. (Isaiah 55:8-10; Romans 11:33-34)

You are good, loving, and faithful. It’s absolutely impossible for you to do evil or to do wrong. Help me to believe this in the depths of my soul during this time. (Deut. 32:4; Job 34:10; 1 John 1:5; Psalm 86:15; Psalm 100:5)

Thank you God for remaining faithful even when I act faithless in my pain. Your love, presence, power, and promises are not dependent on my behavior. (2 Timothy 2:13)

You understand my pain. (Isaiah 53:3)

Give us strength because we are flat out weary. Help us run this grueling race with perseverance and never give up.

Help us keep our eyes glued to Jesus, our champion, who perfects our faith. In him all things hold together. We will depend on him to hold us together no matter what comes. (Colossians 1:17, Hebrews 12:1-3)

Father, I love and adore (child’s name). Thank you for entrusting (child’s name) to me. It is such a privilege being (child’s name) parent. I humbly ask you to bring complete healing to (child’s name) and make (child’s name) physically whole if that’s your will.

If it isn’t your will for (child’s name) to heal during his/her time on earth, I will still love, serve, and follow you. 

I know that you are for (child’s name), not against (child’s name). No illness, disease, disappointment or setback – nothing in all the world – can separate (child’s name) from your love. (Romans 8:35-39)

I ask you to protect (child’s name) emotionally and spiritually. Give (child’s name) the strength he/she needs for each moment, each test, each prod, each pill, each surgery. (Luke 11:1-4) With your great love, drive out all (child’s name) fear and comfort (child’s name). 1 John 4:18

Even though I can’t see it now, I believe that in all things you work for the good of those who love you. No matter what happens, you will bring beauty from the ashes of this time. (Romans 8:28-29; Isaiah 61:3)

I thank you God for continuing to work good in me, transforming me into your image, and perfecting me until the day Jesus returns. Use this struggle, Father, for your glory and renown. (Philippians 1:6; 2 Corinthians 3:18) 

Thank you for being with (child’s name) in the fire. There is always hope with you. (Genesis 50:20; 2 Peter 3;9; Isaiah 43:2; Isaiah 61:3)

I submit myself, this situation, and (child’s name) to you, God – 100%. I trust you with the outcome. I will rely on your strength completely.  

I pray these things in the name of Jesus.


If you have a sick child, I’m truly sorry for your suffering. I know what it feels like, and wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Please let me know how I can pray for you and your family.

If you or someone you know has a child with a congenital heart defect, check out Mended Little Hearts for support, education, and to determine where parents of children with a CHD are meeting in your area. 


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  1. Babedi says:

    Please help me pray for my on my only child and only daughter whom I had at 36 years. She was born preterm on Monday 23rd November 2015. Her name Is Arona Motsatsi

  2. Florence Shoniwa says:

    Please pray for my 12 year old daughter Charmaine. She has congenital hydrocephalus and suffers from unexplained neck pain that doctors have failed to explain or help with. So she just suffers quite often.

  3. Jasmine says:

    I don’t like reaching out like this normally but I read this prayer and it was beautiful I needed something like this, my son is currently sick with long term lung disease, he was born 3 1/2 months early and we have been battling this since he was born, we’re going on 5 months now of being here in the hospital. I just would like to reach out and asks for prayers for him to help him get better so we can be a family and I can show him how life can be so joyful and full of love. He is my miracle and saved my life, pulled me out of a dark place. So please pray for him, his name is Brayden! Thank you!

    • Lisa Button says:

      Hello Momma Jasmine! Motherhood is certainly a gift. I know God has worked through my children to grow and mature me – and make me more whole as a person. They are a blessing. Your love for your son is so deep. That love can be so joyful and yet so painful – especially when you have to watch your child suffer. It’s a helpless feeling. Let me assure you that Brayden feels the love you have for him. It brings him comfort and assurance. You are definitely showing him how life can be full of love, momma. He is lucky to have you Jasmine. I will certainly pray for your precious son, and for your family. Please, let me know how he progresses.

  4. grace says:

    My son was out snow tubing when he suffered an accident and fractured his skull and was bleeding brain and spinal fluid from his ears and nose. .he amazingly made it thru…this prayer was my only solice…..I was always a believer..internally…. but this prayer and my son’s accident..has made me share this prayer..openly with all who now go thru a time of crisis when their child is ill

    • Lisa Button says:

      Grace, I am so thankful your son survived this accident – and so grateful God has used this prayer to comfort and strengthen you. You’ve really touched my heart with your comment – and your willingness to help others experiencing the same pain you have experienced. God’s got you and your son in the palm of his hand.

  5. Zola says:

    Please pray for my son, Kani. He survived a near drowning but at this point we don’t know if there is any brain damage. Please pray for him to be well and for him to be healed completely.

  6. Laura says:

    My son was born on 11/11/15 its been rough road he’s so little and already has a long history he’s had two surgeries he got released from the NICU on 2/10/16 and I thought my years we’re over but Saturday he suffered a seizure and was brought to the emergency room just to find out he has low blood sugar on top of all the other medical diagnosis just right now he had two episodes of low blood sugar I came across this prayer and I cried while I prayed next to my son I felt something beautiful as I was reading it like if god was letting me know I’m here and I know what your going through please keep my son in your prayers thanks to the person who made this prayer

    • Lisa Button says:

      Thank you for leaving a comment with information about how I can pray for your son. I am so very sorry for the ways you and your son have been suffering. My heart goes out to you, my friend. I will pray. I am so thankful that God encouraged and comforted you through this prayer. So, so thankful! Feel free to send me updates!

  7. Jennifer says:

    Please pray for my teenage daughter. She’s struggling with deep depression and says she wants to die. I know this doesn’t compare to the life threatening sicknesses your child is facing. But I’m living everyday afraid she will decide this is the day she can’t handle life anymore and take her own life. Thank you for your prayer that I found. Because right now I am lost of how to pray for this or get the words out. This prayer is very helpfu

    • Lisa Button says:

      Jennifer – I am so very sorry for your daughter’s despair – and yours as well. I wish I could meet her! I am so thankful this prayer has helped you. I will pray with you for your daughter – and that you will receive wisdom to deal with this situation and to know the appropriate professionals to contact who might be of assistance to her. Please keep me updated!

  8. Bebe says:

    Please pray with us for cousins 4 month old she was born a premie with a rare stomach disease and is currently on 100%oxygen and doctors say there is nothing else they can do. But I believe my Jesus is the true physician He is able.

  9. Bebe says:

    Her name is Maddie

  10. Tamika Walker says:

    Please pray for my godson Izaiah. He just turned 1 Sunday and has been in the hospital for a few weeks because he had a brain tumor. They completed an 16 hour surgery to remove it but was unsuccessful in removing it entirely. He and his mom have such a long road ahead and she is losing her strength. I try so hard to keep her uplifted but as anyone can imagine it’s hard. Please please pray for us.

    • Lisa Button says:

      Tamika – My heart goes out to you all. So, so hard to see anyone suffer – but especially the innocents who are so young. Praying for them and for you as you support Izaiah’s momma. Hugs to you for standing in the trenches with her. I would love to receive updates.

  11. Suze says:

    Please, please, pray for my baby Alivia, she is only two days old and is trying to overcome Jaundice. She is my first baby and it’s killing me not to be able to hold her.

  12. AJ says:

    My son will undergo a fontan procedure on the 18th of April. I pray exactly as this prayer stated. If its God’s will for him to continue, to restore his health and give complete healing. And if its not God’s will, for accept it with grace and trust that God knows what’s best. Indeed, a child diagnosed with HLHS, suffers deeply and its hard to see this everyday. Please keep this in your prayers

  13. Jan says:

    Please pray for my grandson, Tanner. He is only nine years old and is in the hospital – he hasn’t been well for 2 months; the dr’s thought he had a virus. They need the Lord’s direction to diagnosis this and an infectious disease doctor is conferring with other doctors today. I am a believer but am so crushed right now for my daughter, son-in-law, and the other 2 kids, thatIi can barely think or breathe or pray. I need strength for whatever the Lord has in mind. I so appreciate this prayer and that the Lord brought it to me.

    • Lisa Button says:

      Hello Jan! I understand how you all are feeling, and am so thankful this prayer has been helpful to you during this time. I’m also thankful God graciously directed you to this prayer. Praying for very clear discernment by the doctors, and that they will discover the cause of Tanner’s illness so they can give him the proper treatment. Continue to cling to God. He will comfort and strengthen your heart as he did mine.

  14. My son was just diagnosed 1wk ago today he has emergency heart surgery tomorrow, ur prayers have brought me great comfort thank u, ask all to say a prayer for my son Ezaquel Jaime 10yrs old

    • Lisa Button says:

      Elizabeth ~ My heart was so touched by your situation and request. Since my son had heart surgery, I can relate to your situation. I’m so thankful the prayer on my blog has helped you. It’s God-driven so you can thank him! How is your son?

  15. greg mueco says:

    Pls help us pray for for my niece’s new born. The baby is presently in the ICU fighting for his life. The baby was just a two day old. Pls help us pray for d baby’s healing. Thanks & God bless

  16. dina says:

    My childs name is citlali. She was diagnosed at 5 years old with juvenile rehumatoid arthritis with positive factor. She is 7 now. Her body is exahusted of so much pain. She has being on meds for almost 2 years. Please help me lift her in prayers. I believe the Lord has a purpose for her life. And pray she be set free of this disease. That she may be back to being Pain free.

  17. Yvette Martinez says:

    My daughter Saleen is 12 year-old and has been having fever since May 4 2016 it’s been 10 days and still no improvement. I been in and out of ER and taking her to her DR. They said it’s viral . I’m actually right now in the hospital ER again she still running fever chills. Chest xray was done and blood work as well to see if she has any serious infection. Please pray for her. My heart is heavy. I been thru a lot lately I recently jus loss my mom on Feb 23 2016. And watching my daughter not improving in her health worries me. I’m praying and hoping that everything comes out normal and I’m given and answer to what is causing my daughter to be ill for so long. My daughter loves school and loves to sing.Just want my daughter feeling better again

  18. Endy says:

    hey Lisa. there is a boy by the name of Xolani Khumalo. last year november he got admitted to the hospital due to kidney failure. he was in ICU. he couldnt talk, walk and eat. he stayed for two months there and got better and got discharged but since he was released he never got better. even now he is not walking and talking. he is not getting any better. please pray for him.

  19. levi says:

    My son’s name is Noah, he is my first and only child. My wife and I just found out yesterday of a build up of tissue sitting on the left side of his brain and part of the main line of his brain is thinned out and partially missing. They tell us this will effect his development. we are waiting for his MRI to determine what we should expect with noah. My heart is broken. Noah is my whole world. Having a very hard time holding on as I feel my whole world has just been crushed. I drop to me knees and pray for God to place his hand on noah and heal him. He’s the most beautiful baby and deserves the best life. I ask for any prayers I can for my son. Thank you.

  20. Cori says:

    Please everyone who reads this who believes in the healing powers of Jesus Christ and all his Glory.. please pray from my daughter cheyanne she has been suffering with a bladder disease for 2 years Interstitial cystitis. which is very painful and causes you to feel like you have a utI daily not only does this disease can pain but wears on you mentally and physically. We have been to doctors out of our area but no one can really help her. She’s taking medicine but it barely works. I have turned to Jesus Christ to lay his hands upon my child and heal her and take away her pain and give it to me for I will bare it and more.. to see a child suffer is a unbearable feeling and my heart breaks for her..so please pray for her I believe pray works thank you and God bless you all amen.

    • Christine says:

      Cori, I know that this is months after you posted this, I was searching for a prayer to help a friend’s sick daughter. I found you. I suffered with interstitial cystitis for over five years. I know your daughter’s pain. I was one of the lucky ones, Elmiron (medication) worked for me. I don’t know if you can get my email address, but if you can, I’m more than happy to offer any support that I can. Cheyanne will be in my prayers.

  21. Jenny says:

    This prayer brought me to tears because it is 100% relatable. My 3 year old daughter Carter was diagnosed with pura syndrome. She is one of 50 kids worldwide with this genetic mutation. Because it is so rare there isn’t much research. Mon- Sat she works hard in a kinds of different therapy, and it is wearing on all of us. With all of the exhaustion, set backs, and lack of answers it can be a challenge to stay positive. I pray for healing but wonder if that is Gods will, and am torn when I read the scriptures that say to bring your requests to God and he will grant them. I have come a long way in this battle for joy in the midst of the storm. Please pray for my daughter and for our family.

  22. Charity Roka says:

    Greetings in Jesus name, please help me pray for my brother’s son Lincoln. He is has been diagnosed with Malaria and Pneumonia. And he has difficulties to breathe. His nose is blocked. May the healing hand of God touch him in a special way in Jesus name. I pray that he is restored to devise health. Amen

  23. Desiree Styger says:

    Please pray for my niece’s baby Antonio who was born prem on 5th May 2016, he has NEC which affects his tummy and he can’t get nutrients from his feed so he is basically starving, doctors are trying eveything, he now has septasemia but can’t have anymore antibiotics as they are damaging his kidneys. All his family are asking our dear Father to heal him xxx thanking you

  24. Debra Elkins says:

    I have a preterm grandson born 6-6-16. He was born at 23 weeks gestation. He is in the Duke Hospital NICU. Thank you for this beautiful prayer. I am praying for healing for Edwin. He only weighs one pound and has may obstacles to overcome. I would appreciate prayers for Edwin. I personally lost my youngest son at 4 years old with a brain tumor. I find comfort in God’s promises for eternal life and the fact that my Joey is there.

  25. Nicole says:

    Hello my name is Nicole my son adrian has recently had a brain injury he is only 5 months old drs have took most of my hope telling me he will have nothing close to a normal life ..but i believe with god anything is possible so at this time i ask anyone who is willing please to pray for my baby boy for a miracle for his life to be better then expected …thank u

  26. Julie Thomas says:

    Please pray for my unborn granddaughter, Ellie Noelle. My daughter in law is six months pregnant. Everything was going great until this last ultrasound. Her heart rate was really high so they did another ultrasound. My daughter in law got a call the next day to see a specialist. Now my son and daughter in law are being told that the baby has serious heart problems, the brain is not growing like it should, there are cysts on her kidneys and one of her knee caps may be backwards. They are being sent to specialists in Portland. We are all just heartbroken and so sad and scared, esspecially my son and daughter in law. It is their first baby. Your prayer was beautiful and it gave me peace, and I ask that you please pray for my granddaughter and my son and daughter in law, that they may find peace and hope. Thank you. Julie

  27. Kgaogelo Chokoe says:

    Kindly assist me in praying for my son. He is 6yrs turning 7 this year in September. He was born pre maturely at 845grams, just before I could be 7months. He was in hospital from birth for about 3months. From there he was fine even though he experienced a lot of reflux. Just before he was a year, he was so sick that he just went squint, doctors could not understand the cause of this. They ran alot of tests until they found that he had a lot of preassure in his brain as it could not absorb the cerebrospinal fluid as it should. They had to operate him to put in a VP shunt which will drain the fluid from his brain to the stomach. The operation went well, until one day when he suddenly swelled up on all the areas where the shunt was, they had to reopen him to see if they could find any fault. They didnt find any fault, but they just drained the fluid which caused the swelling.

    He was fine again until one day when his stomach went rock solid and we had to rush him to the hospital, they managed to help us again.

    Later on he started having terrible headaches which did not react to any medication administerd to him. His shunt operation was running smoothly as per the CT scans done on it to check it. Later on they realised that he suffered from sinuses, he was operated for that. He also had to be operated for tonsils as they were really troubling him too.

    Now he started again with the severe headaches, they did scans and did all sorts of test and they are unable to find the cause of them. He is constantly vomitting too. He is fine one day and the next he starts suffering again.

    It really pains me and I have run out of energy. I have been so strong for all the previous years but this time I find myself to be so weak and feel helpless. We pray together, he even asks for prayers himself…he also prays for himself.

    We believe that he will be healed but walking through the shadow of death is really painful. We know that God is with us throughout, but its really painfull, especially for us as his parents to see him endure all this pain. It breaks our hearts and I have really become weak and emotional this time around.

    Your prayers will be highly appreciated.

    I know that He can work this out for us just like He did for you. Thank you for your testimonty.

  28. Stephanie says:

    Please pray for my daughter Baylee. She is 4 years old and on life support in the PICU for the last 4 weeks. 1/15/12 I lost my son Brayden at the age of 6 to a heart defect while 5 months pregnant with Baylee. On 1/15/16 Baylee was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma (childhood cancer). She has gone threw 5 rounds of high risk chemo and 2 autologous stem cell transplants. During her last transplant she picked up rhinovirus which infected her lungs and she went on ecmo and a ventilator. Last week we found out she somehow contracted adenovirus. The doctors don’t think her lungs can heal. She coded sat but came back and I’m just clinging to hope for a miracle.

  29. Brandi says:

    My son, Deklyn, was born with low tone. He is currently intubated and they think he may have pneumonia. Please pray for his recovery, that he may breathe unassisted, that the EMG findings were incorrect and he does not in fact have a myopathy but is getting stronger everyday through God. Please pray for His strength to reign over Deklyn and to allow Deklyn to glorify Him.

  30. Josie says:

    Please pray for my son James. He just turned 26 and was just diagnosed with a rare disease involving his growth hormone. Jamie is in constant pain and my husband and I feel so helpless about it. He will be undergoing surgery on September 26 to remove the pituitary adenoma impinging on his optic nerve and other parts of the brain. Everyday, I keep praying to God for guidance and strength as we go through this very painful ordeal. I also pray to God to keep Jamie’s pain to a minimum so he could at least do some of the things he love to do. I love him very much and it is killing us to see him suffer. Please pray for him and the doctors and nurses for a successful surgery.

  31. Josie says:

    Thank you in advance and I am looking forward to hearing from you or anyone who’s going through the same ordeal.
    I really believe in prayers and I leave everything in God’s hand.

  32. Angela Williams says:

    I love your prayer please pray for my daughter Kasheena rose who’s in the hospital with a heart problem please pray for her in Jesus name thank you

  33. Meg says:

    Dear Lisa,
    I cried so hard reading your sweet prayer. My precious 12 year old son Sterling woke up one morning 1/2016 with non-stop, excruciating stomach pain. You name the hospital, specialist, exploratory surgeries, pain medicine, tests, alternative medications, and procedures, trips to out-of-state clinics or hospitals, we’ve done it, and are still doing it. Nothing helps to relieve the pain. We recently found out he also suffers from fibromyalgia, and scoliosis, so basically his whole body aches, too. Sterling has missed so much school, and life in general. He loves the Lord but I observe days of depression, and hopelessness trying to work its way into his precious life. Through his tears he asks why is God allowing this to happen? I’m a single Mom with not much understanding from my family, or friends. Please pray for Sterling’s partial or complete healing…be it God’s will. Blessings to you Lisa, and to all who are suffering. Thank you!

    • Lisa Button says:

      Meg, My heart goes out to you sweet one. You have a high calling and special demands as a single mother. I pray God blesses you and Sterling – and that you find support from those around you. Let me know how I can support you. Feel free to email me anytime.

    • Shannon says:

      I have been through a similar thing as you and Sterling with my daughter. When she was about 14 she started getting sick, missing so much school and in so much pain. After two years of not knowing, it turns out she has celiac disease. It’s a blood test to find out. She also has reflex neurovascular distrophy that was triggered by the celiac. It is an amplified pain problem much like fibromyalgia. You can also get RND of the stomach as well. Something to consider. She went through a physical and occupational therapy program for it that we were so fortunate to have in our city. So between that and a strict gluten free diet she is doing much better. She also has a few other autoimmune diseases that popped up in the midst of it such as discoid lupus and vitiligo. So there are autoimmune issues. But even now she is having a bad day and is in bed home from school. I understand completely how you feel. I will be praying for you and Sterling.

  34. Mayu says:

    Hello. Would you mind me reposting this prayer on my blog? I will put your site there of course. I have a 4yo son with brain tumor. Thank you.

  35. Kristy Russell says:

    My son was diagnosed with cancer in August this year. His name is Ethan and he is 12. He has been doing good with some set backs but he is a strong kid. He has been in the hospital for 2 weeks fighting all kinds of stuff and is now on a vent helping him breath. It is so hard to watch him ask for drinks and he gets chocked and they have to stop his vent and suck it out and he cries and tells them to hurry and there is no sound. I can’t do anything but watch and try to keep him calm. Please pray for him and me and his step dad. This so sorry scary and we want Ethan to get better and for him to rest easy. Thank you!

  36. Brenda says:


    So glad I found your prayer. Please join me in pleading to God for healing of my son, CJ. He was found to have sickle cell disease at 2 weeks old. Our hearts broke when we found out. Please pray for God’s healing and strength to deal with the challenges the disease can bring. Thank you!

  37. Mary Peak says:

    This little girl needs prayers, she has been suffering so much with cancer.

  38. Latoya says:

    Hi, I come with a very heavy heart. I had my daughter Bre’Unah on November 18,2016, by c section. After her birth she was having complications breathing on her own. She was doing really well and I thought I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. Well she had a major turnaround and went from great to worse unexpectedly she is having a hard time breathing on her own and her oxygen levels keep dropping. The doctors have ranned several test and everything has came back negative. No one knows why this is happening, I am getting so weary and I need help in prayer for a full recovery in my babygirl. By the way this is my husband and I first biological daughter together. My oldest daughter is really sad because she wanted a little sister and she have one whom she has never met at all. Please pray for us for a speedy recovery and the release of Bre’Unah to come home. Thank you so much.

  39. Olayiwola says:

    My 2-year old granddaughter Kofoworola, doctors claim is suffering from cerebral palsy which they said cannot be healed but I know and believe that with God in prayers and support of you Lisa and your team, her healing is Now. With God nothing is impossible. She can’t walk, talk and neck and arms/hands are stiff. Please pray along with us for her rapid healing. Thank you and God bless you abundantly in Jesus name Amen

    • Lisa Button says:

      Olayiwola – Just checking in to say I hope Kofoworola is thriving. Praying for you and your family as you continue this journey God has carved out for you. Keep trusting him and he will give you supernatural strength as well as his peace and comfort.

  40. Please pray for my son to be delivered from Autism. I am tired and spent but I know this is when God shows up and shows off. I am praying for all moms and dads who have a child with Autism, it can be such a sad place. Today I have decided that I am letting go and letting God, I have no more in me. I am feeling such a peace and I am believing God. I prayed over my son this prayer and I wrote down all the scriptures. I will write them out and place on his bedroom walls.

  41. kamissha says:

    hello I’m asking for prayer for my 2month old baby girl we are in valley children’s hospital and we’ve been here for a week now my baby girl is in ICU she has rsv and ammonia….I’m terrified at this point and I just ask for prayer and strenghth please help me I’d really appreciate it so much thank you and God bless

  42. Fola says:

    Please pray for my son Toni.He will be 3 next month and hes not talking at all.My life is in a mess now because he is my only child and im too weak to concentrate on life.i feel so shattered but again I have Great Trust in God

    • Lisa Button says:

      Fola – You have a great God. Keep trusting him as you have in the past my friend. He is good and always will be. Express your feelings honestly with him. He’s a wonderful listener. Praying for your strength and for your son Toni!

  43. simi says:

    Hi lisa,

    My son is 18 months old n recently I got to know that he is allergic to milk..this has shattered me totally. Pls pray for my sons healing. ?

    • Lisa Button says:

      Simi – Praying your son will thrive despite his allergy – and that God will heal him if that’s his plan to do so. His ways are so wise. He is good. Praying for your momma’s heart as well. It’s so tough when our children suffer.

  44. teddy says:

    Pray for my daughter Divine Oduwa complaining of stomach pain for God to heal her.

  45. Rita Griffin says:

    Please pray with me for my son who has digestive problems and mental issues. He is attending college and has lost a lot of time because he is battling his condition, and he gets depressed and despondent. Pray for me and my husband as well. We need divine guidance in these matters. Thank you!

    • Lisa Button says:

      Rita – I know how difficult it can be when children struggle with health issues. But when they’re away from home and no longer under our care, it’s even more challenging. I’m praying now for your son. Praying God brings relief and guides you in decisions you must make regarding his condition. Praying for him as he maneuvers his condition and his diet which can be so difficult when momma isn’t cooking. Wishing you only the best in the days to come.

  46. Unaminous says:

    Hi! Ma’am, the Word says that Jesus already took care of all sickness and disease. When we say ‘if’ its Your will to heal my child, that is doubting God. It is ALWAYS His will to heal just like its always His will for all men to be saved. This is unheard of in most Christian circles, but it is the Word. It would be like praying, God if it’s your will to save me, please save me. No, we know it’s God’s will to save us, so we simply say Thank you Jesus for saving me! You are the Lord of my life, You are my savior. If anyone wants more information on how to stand for your child’s healing, I can send you information and scriptures! Go ahead and watch God’s Medicine by Kenneth Hagin on YouTube. God Bless!

    • Lisa Button says:

      Anonymous – thank you for sharing your beliefs. Yes – God always heals.He brings people to wholeness; however, sometimes the healing and wholeness come at the point of death. There are far too many instances where people I know who have an abiding relationship with God are not healed of their disease. They pass away and move into the loving arms of Jesus. God’s ways are above our ways. He is always good. Surrendering to him, trusting his individual plan for us, and praying with a heart for his glory and desires is a mark of devotion.

  47. Ella Yupano says:

    Please pray for Ryan Elliot Marfil Inamac. He is 10 years old, son of my friend Jan Nicola Marfil. He was diagnosed with AML, an agressive cancer of the blood, last October 31, 2016. He is confined in the hospital until now, undergone 3 cycles of chemo already. Please offer daily prayers of hope, faith, love and healing for Jan and Eli. Thank you.

  48. Janet Benca says:

    Please pray for my grandson Claymore he was born with three holes in his heart and when they repaired the holes his heart wouldn’t beat so he has a pacemaker and his school let him get hurt so he has to have surgery Friday please pray for him he is a smart little boy and he scared thank you

  49. Melanice Aiken says:

    Lisa please pray for my unborn son Vincent. Today my doctor told me that my child is not growing the way he should be and I’m getting tested for all these different possible issues that could be wrong with him and could lead to birth defects, or even him being still born. I’m believing that God will be with Vincent who I love dearly already and make him strong and help him to grow into the strong baby boy I know he truly is. Thank you

  50. Alicia says:

    Please pray for my child Eliana now 31months. She has been hospitalized since day one of life with hypoventilation syndrome and under ventilator machine since birth. It pains my heart so much to see her suffer n still believe God is able. Be blessed Lisa

  51. My son Brayden has been sick for the last two years or so. We’re still looking for answers as to what’s going on. He’s having severe stomach pain and tired. All tests comeback normal. Please pray for us!

  52. Angela says:

    My daughter Gabby is 16 years and had braces from the age 12-14. When her braces came off she started slowly complaining of headaches,earaches hearing loss. After 1 year of numerous doctors ct scans MRI’s they figured out the her jaw was pushed back to far causing severe TMJ. After 3 years of different doctors she is still in pain every single day. She loves school and is a junior in high school and cannot wait to go to college to become a doctor one day. She struggles every day to get out of bed from the headaches. She will probably not be able to go to the college of her dreams due to missing so much school. Please pray that Drs can fix her jaw and relieve this pain that she has everyday. I can’t take watching my little girl struggle everyday. I know God has his plan for all of us. I pray that he takes her pain away every day. I want to take all of her pain so she can live a normal life and be with her friends at school and not home in bed. Please pray for my Gabby. Thank you so much. I know gives us the desires of our heart and o know in his time.

  53. AM says:

    Please pray for sweet Charlotte. She is our miracle baby after 2 miscarriages. She had some weird spasms and is having to get an EEG (brain wave scan) at the University of Iowa pediatric neurology. Please pray against any abnormality. Against any attack of the enemy on our family. It has to stop. We have been constantly attacked.

  54. Brandon says:

    Lisa, this is beautiful. I went looking for a prayer to turn to during a difficult time with my daughter, Averi who may be battling a rare cancer of the liver (we will learn more in the next couple days).

    Thank you for taking the time to post this, maintain this site and reply to comments as you have. This touched me like no other words on the internet ever have. God bless you.

  55. Jamie says:

    Hi and thank you so much for this beautiful prayer; my 14 yr old son (only child) is in need of prayers and healing. About a month ago, we thought he had appendicitis but now he drs have diagnosed him woth a “cystic lesion” in his spleen. We are waiting on an appt. With a pediatric surgeon (still almost a month away) to know exactly we are dealing with and what will happen next. The waiting is so hard; I have developed health issues due to stress and anxiety. My family has had several personal issues to deal with over the past few years, including marital problems, and this is by far the worst. I have very strong faith, but right now I am struggling to understand why my beautiful, strong, brave angel baby (my nickname for him since birth) is having to go through this. He is truly the apple of my eye and the only thing that keeps me going. Please pray for him and thank you so much.

  56. Mary says:

    Thank you my son is ill with a clot in his lung. Just went through a major surgery, now he has develop this, please pray for my son Jessie. Thank you for this touching pray and so true. Wishing you all blessings

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