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Two Simple Strategies to Protect Your Children from Cultural Influences

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protect your children

Brave Mommas – As a parent, I know that our current culture can be pretty terrifying. You love your “babies” like I do and you want to protect your children from its damaging influences. I want to encourage you with two super simple strategies that can have a dramatic impact in the life of your child.

Two Simple Strategies to Protect Your Children

1) Awareness

Years ago, the company I worked for offered a crime prevention seminar for female employees. The first step to prevention was to be constantly aware of our surroundings. This came into play for me when I was walking to my car one evening. Two men crossed the street. One nonchalantly walked ahead of me. The other went behind me. Because I was paying attention, I pointedly lifted my mace canister to make sure it was “on.” Immediately, the man behind me made a wide circle, joined his friend ahead of me, and they walked away.

In today’s culture, it’s absolutely essential for you to be constantly aware of the dangers facing your children. That knowledge will help you to be proactive in protecting them.

“Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” 1 Peter 5:8

2) Be Intentional

“Intentional” means to do something on purpose to reach a desired end. Intentionality as a parent implies accepting primary responsibility for the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical well-being of your children as you parent toward a desired end.



Here’s why our culture necessitates intentionality:

Your children are being preyed upon. With social media and technology, our culture has greater access to your kids than ever before. The world is working overtime to enforce its values, conform your children to its image, and lead them into destructive habits.

For example:

  • 33% of girls – and 14% of boys – are molested by the age of 18.


  • 1 in 200 girls have cut themselves. They usually start between 10 and sixteen years old.
  • Teens self-harm to have control . . . relieve tension . . . numb out . . . express anger.


  • 10 million youth aged 12-20 have consumed alcohol in the past 30 days. 20.2% have been involved in binge drinking. 63% got alcohol from their own homes or friends’ homes. 3.6% of twelfth graders drink daily.




  • 22% of teens have given birth in their teens.
  • Among developed nations, the United States has the highest rate of teen pregnancy in the world.


  • 20% of teens overall have posted nude or semi-nude photos or videos of themselves (sexting). It’s common for photos to be shared with others.
  • 51% of girls send them due to pressure from boyfriends.
  • 58% have received sexting messages.

www.pcsndreams.com (Internet Predator Protection)

  • 1 or 2 out of 100 kids will struggle with eating disorders.


  • 93% of boys and 62% of girls are exposed to porn before the age of 18.
  • Average age of first internet porn exposure: age 11
  • 90% of kids who view porn, view it online – most while they’re doing homework.
  • 26 children’s character names are linked to porn sites. (Spongebob, Picachu, etc.)



  • Bi-chic is a new trend mainly among girls. Bi-chic is a person who claims to be bisexual, but only because it is hip or chic to be that way. It involves public displays of affection (kissing, etc.), but no long-term bisexual or lesbian relationships.

Will you be intentional?

What influences are most consistent in the lives of your children? Internet, Facebook, texting, internet porn, friends, church life, school, activities, sports? You?

Our kids won’t train themselves. They desperately need parents who are engaged.

As Mommas, we can reclaim our kids from the “jaws of the lion” by getting serious about the high call and privilege of parenting. It begins with recognizing and embracing personal responsibility for their development and training.

Be inspired. Be encouraged. You can do it! Take one step at a time and breathe . . .

Most of all, remember that you don’t parent alone! God has promised to be with you every step of the way.

“Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” God the Father’s words in Deuteronomy 31:6 and Hebrews 13:5.

“In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” Jesus’ words in John 16:33

What concerns do you have about our culture and how it affects your children? How do you feel about the concept of intentional parenting? What resources do you use that might help other parents?

Another helpful post:

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Because families are worth fighting for . . .



  1. I totally agree! I think one of the areas we need to be intentional too is protecting other people’s kids. We’ve got to start speaking up when we see kids, especially young girls, in vulnerable situations. I know it’s awkward and can be uncomfortable–but think of the pain it could save some of those girls! Thanks for this post. Excellent.

  2. vickiemunton says:

    LOVE this statement: “As mommas, we can reclaim our kids from the “jaws of the lion” by getting serious about the high call and privilege of parenting. It begins with recognizing and embracing personal responsibility for their development and training.”
    GREAT POST: I HAD to rep-post it so my readers would see it!

  3. Kathy Hoeck says:

    Once again, Lisa, you have challenged and inspired me. Thank you for this great post. Even us old time parents who are approaching the finish line — can be more intentional about focusing our teens toward the Cross and the passion of Christ. Thanks again!

  4. Antonio Macilau Vilanculo says:

    Dear Lisa.
    Thank you for your last post. I real agree with you and believe its our primary responsibility to care about out children. They have always to feel secured by their parents.
    May God bless you.
    By the way how can I have a blog?

  5. […] to my post Two Simple Strategies to Protect Your Children from Cultural Influences for some relevant statistics. I’ve also put together a page of parenting resources on this […]

  6. Carlos says:

    Great blog Lisa! Raising awareness about all the dangers our kids are exposed to is imperative. Hopefully you can share the following link with your community. https://www.therecoveryvillage.com/alcohol-abuse/children-alcoholics-home/ Unfortunately growing up in a household with an alcoholic adult is not a rarity.. and this is something we all need to be aware of. Have a great day everyone!

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