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The Fall Wallow Top Twenty+

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The Fall Wallow @ The Warming House

Hello friend! Welcome to week one of my Fall nesting series. Autumn is my favorite time of year. Here are twenty+ things I love about it!

1.    Getting to wear my boots again! Yay!

The Fall Wallow@The Warming House

2.    Walking/hiking in the crisp autumn air with flushed cheeks.

3.    Cozy sweaters.

4.    Reading autumn books with my children (when they were still young). Some of our favorites:


Leave a comment with the name of your favorite Fall book to be entered in my drawing. The Fall Wallow winner will receive three of the books listed above. Name will be drawn on Thursday at noon.

5.    Snuggling into toasty blankets.

6.    Little acorns peeking up at me from their grassy beds in my yard.

The Fall Wallow@The Warming House

By Lisa@TheWarmingHouse

7.    The smell of wood smoke from neighboring chimneys.

8.    Hot soups/chili.

The Fall Wallow@The Warming House

9.    Getting lost in the dancing flames and warmth of a crackling fire.

The Fall Wallow@The Warming House

10.    Trips to the Weston Red Barn Farm and Vaughn Apple Orchard.

The Fall Wallow@The Warming House

11.The restfulness of autumn rains.

12.    S’mores at Silver Dollar City (Chocolate smeared onto huge cookies with a roasted marshmallow squooshed in the middle. Melt-in-your-mouth goodness!)

13.    The comfort of my jeans.

14.    Hay rides.

15.    Pumpkin patches and pumpkins of unique shapes, sizes, bumps, and striations.

The Fall Wallow@The Warming House 16.    Apple picking!

17.    Scrumptious apple cider donuts (finger-lickin’ good!) and apple cider slushies.

Source: feastie.com via Lisa on Pinterest


18.    The glorious colors and overwhelming beauty of the leaves on the trees.

The Warming House

By Lisa@TheWarmingHouse

19.    Wandering through a corn maze.

20.    The warmth of a mug of hot chocolate between my hands – sipping its sweetness.

21.    Decorating my home with the splendors of Fall.

22.    Capturing photos of God’s extraordinary handiwork.

By Lisa@TheWarmingHouse

23.    The incredible blessing of family gathered together again at Thanksgiving.

24.    Pumpkin Pie Cake

25.    Friday night high school football games. Go team!

Go to The Inspired Room to see links to other fall nesting sites.

Happy Fall y’all!



  1. Boots are on my list too. I miss them!

  2. Dianntha says:

    I always read The Greatest Pumpkin Ever to my children..how I miss having small ones at home!

  3. Sherry says:

    How wonderful your list is! Love the Autumn storybooks. I so do miss those days when they were little!

  4. Michele says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Your lists is wonderful – and I see some common things we have in our lists.

    You have a wonderful blog and I am so thankful you visited me today so I could find you.

    Blessings be yours this fall and always,


  5. Shunee says:

    Nice! I love to read to my little ones as well 🙂 Happy Fall!

  6. What a great list. The photo of those apple cider doughnuts has me salivating. Yum!

  7. Oh so many of yours are mine too!! Pumpkin pie cakes sounds deelish!

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