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Thanksgiving Tablescapes 2012

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Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, and it’s probably the most overlooked.

This week, I’m focusing on Thanksgiving tablescapes. A tablescape creates undeniable ambience.

The focal point of the tablescape is the centerpiece. Honestly, creating a centerpiece has always been a bit of a struggle for me. Because I’m not a formal, fancy-dancy type of person, I usually just try to use things I already have in my house. My big rule is to use items that aren’t too tall. I want to see the people I’m talking to across the table!

The Warming House

The trees in my centerpiece remind me of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. They make me smile! They’re a little tall, but they’re sparse so I can still see the faces of my favorite people.

The Warming House

The trees are sitting on top of my sugar mold with a few pumpkins, pine cones, and a leaf garland scattered in between.

The Warming House

Because I’m a huge fan of God’s creation, I bring the outdoors into my home as much as possible. Hence, the little acorn place-card holder.

The Warming House

The wooden chargers are from Wal-Mart (last year). The flatware is from Bed, Bath & Beyond. Acorn place-card holders and multi-colored goblets are from one of my favorite stores – TJ Maxx.

The Warming House

Is your name Martha? If so, I’ve got a spot waiting for you.

The Warming House

The tablescape in my breakfast room. Pine cone napkin rings are from Bed, Bath & Beyond. Clear goblets . . . TJ Maxx.

The Warming House

I just love Mr. Wattles!

The Warming HouseShedding a little light on the subject so you can see more detail.

As always . . . thanks so much for stopping by. I really love it when you’re here. Come back soon. I’ll leave the welcome mat out and the porch light on for you.



  1. martha carter says:

    Everything is just beautiful, Lisa. You’re an inspiration to so many in so many ways. Good job!

  2. Hi Lisa! Your Thanksgiving tablescapes are gorgeous….that stunning tablecloth is so elegant and perfect for the fall and the holiday! Of course, I did notice the Longaberger Maple Leaf Plates….just the right touch! And the grapevine wreath with the turkey….lovey!! I need to get thinking about my tablescaping too. Not that I haven’t talked about it. Heehee. You might just have given me the nudge to get working on it.

  3. Lori says:

    Beautiful Lisa! I also LOVE the Longaberger plates! I sold for them for about 15 years! Have the same plates. I have been enjoying your Thanksgiving traditions and recipes. When we have the opportunity to have “our own” Thanksgiving, we have a big seafood dinner! Not very traditional, but it’s what my family loves. I still do the traditional pies and such, but I learned years ago my kids don’t enjoy the “traditional” food. Sounds strange, but I especially enjoy this meal because it’s different. It has made the day even more special, because it’s “ours”! Very non-traditional…just like my family! It was hard at first to not do what everyone thinks is expected of Thanksgiving. But I love the uniqueness that is my family! It make it OURS! I usually don’t set a fancy table, but after seeing your bog, I’m inspired. No matter what you eat, it’s family time, and what better way to make it special than with a beautiful table setting. Will make our tradition even more special…Thank you! With everything else going on in our lives, sometimes we forget those little things are actually BIG THINGS. Much love Lisa, to you and your family.

    • Lori – Thanks for your kind comment. I love that you have a special Thanksgiving meal that’s unique to your family. That’s a tradition that binds you together and creates a fun memory your kids will cherish. Okay, so I love those Longaberger plates. They’re my favorite. I wonder if they still make them. Have fun creating a tablescape for your family. Would love to see a picture of what you come up with. 🙂 Sending love back to you and your sweet ones.

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