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Parenting: Teaching Your Son to Respect Women

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How do we teach our sons to respect women – especially in a culture that objectifies women through TV shows, commercials with sexual overtones, print media, movies stretching the limits with soft-porn, and straight-up hard core pornography that’s available at the click of a key on our computers or the tap of the screen on our mobile phones.

Men and boys in our culture are being conditioned to view women as objects for their purposes and pleasure.

How do we combat this?


The onslaught of cultural influences requires intentionality – perhaps more than ever before.

Continuous open communication, intentional teaching, and modeling are critical as we fight the battle for the hearts of our sons.

Positive male role models (specifically the example of a Dad) are essential in raising a son who respects women.


What do you do if Dad’s not available? What do you do if Dad doesn’t respect women?

I received a comment recently from a single-mom who’s concerned because of the disrespect her son has been demonstrating toward her and other females, including his teachers at school. Key males in his life enjoy bashing women, so she’s trying to figure out how she can raise her son to be a Godly man who respects women.

This is a very real concern and one I have a hunch many of you share.

It’s also a daunting concern to tackle in this post.

In the past, I’ve created teaching material for single moms based on information from Robert Lewis” book, Raising a Modern-Day Knight

I will attempt to do that again today in the attached PDF below, but first I would encourage you to:

  • Attempt to find a really positive male role model to mentor your son. There may be men in your family or your church who would be happy to do this.
  • Maintain open and consistent communication with your son helping him filter everything he sees in the culture through a Biblical framework. Reinforce everything on a consistent basis because our culture tears away at the foundation we’re building every single day.
  • Set boundaries and communicate them clearly to your son. Allow him to help establish pre-determined consequences for going outside the boundaries so he has ownership. Affirm positive behavior. Engage consequences when boundaries are breached.
  • Go on mother/son dates and teach your son how to open doors, hold your chair, engage in conversation with a woman, etc.
  • Encourage your son to have friendships with girls in addition to his friendships with the guys.
  • Most importantly, point your son consistently to Jesus – without trying to force him into a relationship. Expose him to truths about Jesus. His Holy Spirit dwells inside those who have a relationship with him. Jesus transforms us through the power of his Holy Spirit at work inside us. This is the most effective form of behavior modification I know. His Holy Spirit gives us the desire and ability to live in a way that glorifies and pleases God. He alone is the source of godly character. 

With that said, here’s a PDF with some teaching you can use with your son. You’ll need to adapt it according to your son’s age.

PDF: Teaching Sons to Respect Women


  • Your job as a parent is not to be perfect. It’s out of your realm to be perfect so join the rest of us in our imperfect parenting!
  • Your worth as a parent is not dependent on how your kids turn out. Your kids have their own free will and you can’t control it. That’s why a surrendered relationship with Jesus is so important.

Your job is to:

  • Be faithful to God.
  • Be completely dependent on God.


I’m sure there’s a ton I’m missing here. Please feel free to help others by adding your suggestions in the comments below.

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 Because our children are worth fighting for . . .






  1. Carey says:

    The single mom can also teach her son some of the “valuing” acts he can do toward her or his sisters… opening doors for them, letting them go first in line, asking “How is your heart, today?” and many others… these are things boys need to know to do, and they all teach the value of women subtly but surely. Great post, Lisa!

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