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Posts tagged ‘suffering’

To Those Who’ve Been Damaged by Christians

There are a lot of you out there who have been damaged by Christians and it has shaped your view of God. You have a negative opinion of Christians – and with good reason. I’m sorry that’s happened to you. Truth is – the deepest wounds in my


Are You Suffering? Read This If You’re Serious About Finding Healing.

How do you handle pain and suffering in your life? Do you try to rush through it? Are you open about your feelings or are you a stuffer? Do you try to act like everything’s okay? This is the first in a series of posts


Is Anything Too Difficult for the Lord?

What challenges are staring at you today? How big are the boulders of difficulty in your path? Have you lost hope? Are you feeling discouraged, exhausted, weary? When Abraham’s wife Sarah was struggling with infertility, God shared some unbelievable news with her husband. He told


Finding God in Joplin

  What do you see in this line of letters? GODISNOWHERE   Did you see “God is nowhere?” Or did you pick up on the words “God is now here?”   It’s really a matter of perspective isn’t it? Perspective is especially important when it


Sweetness in Suffering 4/22/11

Mountain View “A mountain view can literally take your breath away. Getting a clearer view of God can do the same. Here at the Warming House, you’ll find truth that will help you know and understand who God is and how He feels about you.


The Ride Home – Evidence of God

  Do you ever doubt God’s existence? Do you ever doubt he is loving and good? For the past two years, our family has experienced some extraordinary hardship. Although we knew God was with us, we didn’t feel His presence. We didn’t see clear evidence