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What Does It Mean to Pray According to God’s Will?

Prayers are intimate conversations with the God who rules the universe. The God who rules the universe . . . Wow! I love what Christ has made possible for you and me. He has opened the way for us to come near to God in


One Key to Praying So That God Will Hear and Answer

About a week ago, my daughter texted my husband and I to say that she wanted to enhance her prayer life. She treasures prayer and believes it’s “such a gift”. She asked for our ideas and input. Because she has a really busy life (and


How to Pray Effective Prayers #2 (Delight Yourself in the Lord)

Several years ago, I stood at my kitchen sink talking to God while I washed dishes. With tears streaking my face and total frustration broiling in my heart, I begged God to bring his swift sword of justice against a pastor who had caused excruciating


How to Pray Effective Prayers #1

In my life, prayer has been so important. 17 years ago, in the days leading up to our son’s heart surgery, prayer was critical. It was all I had. As we approached the surgery date, I really wanted to pray in a way that pleased


The Huldah Gates of Jerusalem

My husband and I made a trip to Israel in late February. Haven’t blogged about it yet. Still processing everything we saw and experienced. There’s really no way to encapsulate a trip like that. The last couple of days I’ve been thinking about the Huldah