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Scripture Prayers For Your Home and Family

  Whether you’re part of a blended, single-parent, foster, adoptive, or traditional two-parent family, your family is important to God. You can ask him for anything in regard to your family as long as it’s in line with his heart, his desires . . .


Put Some Fun Into Your Marriage

View of one of the beautiful mountain ranges in Deer Valley Park City, Utah. If you’ve never been there before, I’d recommend putting it on your dream destination list. My husband had a business conference there this week and took me along. So glad he did! It


A Simple Way to Fortify Your Husband and Your Marriage

Way back in the beginning of time, God created a man named Adam. Adam was alone in the world so God made a suitable helper for him – a woman named Eve. The “helper” aspect of this arrangement has been a source of controversy and debate in