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Air Out Your Soul – Things to Consider Before Taking Revenge

Has anyone ever done something that left you with ragged wounds? I’m talking about the drop you to your knees, impossible to comprehend damage that makes you wonder if you’ll ever recover – even with God’s help? I’ve been there – more than I’d like


Thing to Hold Onto When Life Doesn’t Make Sense

  Hi friends. I know there are a lot of wounded hearts out there today. Mine is too. Images in the news stories have ripped our hearts. The images in our minds are even worse. Evil has reared its ugly head . . . again.


Reconciling the Goodness of God in the Presence of Evil

  In the book, “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” by Donald Miller (copyright 2009 by Donald Miller; Thomas Nelson Publishing), the author talks about his friend, Kathy. Her relationship with God had been seriously damaged by years of hardship. She hung out on the periphery