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The Inspiring Story of Life By a Higher Standard

Hi friends! Are you inspired when you see someone living a life of integrity?  Just reflecting today on a well-lived life. In our culture it seems there’s a growing stream of people who have no regard for standards of living. “Anything goes” seems to be


Get This and People Will Follow Your Leadership

Yay! The 2012 election cycle is setting on the landscape of human history. That makes me so happy! This one’s been really tough. Some of the behavior I’ve seen has rattled me. Makes me wonder how it’s impacted our youth.  They’ve watched American citizens spewing hatred. Campaigners,


Parenting Perspectives – Helping Kids Handle Defeat

Parenting can be rip-your-heart-out painful! Our son has had a tough year. Went out for football. Never had a pass thrown to him all season. Got very little playing time.  Couldn’t wait to try out for basketball – his favorite sport. Didn’t make the “A”