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Is America Able to Choose a Good Leader?

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Our culture is decaying. We’re morally bankrupt. Yes, I mentioned morals. I know that’s pretty taboo nowadays. But it’s time to wake up from our slumber.

This post has been simmering in my mind for a long time. In it, I’m going to help you recognize something about America by telling you a story from the Bible.

4,000 years ago, God made a promise to Abraham – a very faithful man in the Old Testament. He promised to give land (the Promised Land where Israel is now) to him and the descendants of his son Isaac forever. (Genesis 17:19-21)

Many years later – after a lot of drama with the Hebrew people – God was ready to take them into the land he had promised them.

Before he did, he urged them:

  • To love God with all their heart, mind, and soul – and to obey his commands so that things would go well for them.
  • To destroy foreign nations in the Promised Land completely.
  • Not to intermarry with the people of foreign nations.
  • Not to make alliances with foreign nations.
  • Not to forget God (and all that he had done for them) when they became prosperous.

The Hebrew people conquered the nations in the Promised Land then divided up the land. Each tribe was given a portion. They were to settle in those areas and finish taking over those territories.

As the years went by, the people:

  • Became spiritually weak.
  • Grew apathetic, complacent, and lazy in their easy life.
  • Became self-centered and unwilling to help the other tribes conquer their lands.
  • Failed to teach their children about God and his ways. (The priests weren’t teaching it either.)
  • Failed to completely destroy the inhabitants and idols of the foreign nations.
  • Intermarried with people of foreign nations.
  • Created alliances with foreign nations.
  • As the Hebrews lived among the remnants of those foreign nations, they adopted their principles and practices – including idol worship.

They did everything God told them not to do! It was a time when “everyone did what was right in his own eyes. 

God was no longer their first love. He became a convenient last resort in times of trouble.

Are you recognizing the stunning similarities between that culture and our culture in America today?

Compromise leads to consequence.

  • God allowed remnants of those foreign lands to rise up, attack, and oppress the Hebrews.
  • Under oppression the Hebrews repented, turned back to God, and cried out for his help. 
  • God then raised up judges (political-military leaders) to lead them and free them from oppression. The people lived in peace for the remainder of that judge’s life.
  • After the judge died, they forgot God and went back to their old ways.

There were six cycles of sin, oppression, and deliverance. Please be sure to notice God’s unbelievable patience and mercy in this Old Testament story.

Because the Hebrews no longer loved God, followed his principles, or had a basic knowledge of who he was and what he desired, the people didn’t have discernment. Here’s an example.

The people loved judge Gideon so much they wanted to make him their king. He refused because God was their king. (Judges 6-8)

After Gideon’s death, the people began worshipping false gods again. Surprise! Surprise!

Gideon’s son, Abimelech, murdered his seventy brothers (except one).  No one intervened. After Abimelech finished, they made him their king! (Judges 9:5-6)

Why would they willingly choose such a horrible leader? I believe it’s because they had no discernment. They no longer recognized or valued good character.

Without knowledge of God and an understanding of his standards/teachings we’re unable to have proper discernment. (Romans 12:1-2)

Without proper discernment, it’s difficult to know how to choose a good leader. 

So is America able to choose a good leader? Why or why not? What do you look for in a leader?

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