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How God Spared Our Lives Tonight

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Yesterday I spent the day praying for my two oldest kids as they drove 10 hours (half of the drive through storms) to get back to school. They arrived safely. This morning I posted my thankfulness for traveling mercies on Facebook.

Tonight I’m writing this blog post to pour out my gratitude for God’s additional mercies.

My husband and I were headed to our youngest son’s basketball game. We hit dense fog. It was so thick my husband voiced his concern and wondered if we should turn around and go back home. We decided to drive a little further to see if it lifted down the road.

The Crash

We came to a stoplight on the highway. One second I’m thinking about my son’s game and peacefully waiting for the light to change, then in a split second I hear my husband say “Oh . . .”. Immediately, a slamming impact pitched our car violently forward. I cannot begin to explain the intensity of the force or the sound.


(The truck that hit us. Through our rainy windshield.)

A Dodge Ram 3500 flatbed truck was speeding along the highway at approximately 60 mph – in the fog! He didn’t see the stoplight – or our car – until the last minute. He had three routes to take:

  1. Dead-on into the back of our car
  2. Swerve and collide head-on with the stoplight pole
  3. Try to drive between our car and the one to our left

He took the third route – the best route. The truck cab actually fit perfectly between our vehicles, but the flat bed was too wide and sliced into both.


The Sparing of Life

Two witnesses stopped on the side of the road when they saw the accident. As my husband and I stepped out of our car, they were incredulous that we were okay. One of them said that if that guy had hit the back of our car dead on going full speed, we would have been dead. The police officer and tow truck driver confirmed that we would most likely have died or been critically injured.

As I reflect on the way that impact felt – how violent it was – I cannot begin to fathom what it would have been like if that truck had smashed into us full force. I cannot figure out how the flatbed didn’t hurt my husband who was on that side of the car. I am so thankful!!

I would say that God is good, but that might lead you to believe he is only good when we are spared and good things happen. That would be misleading. Even if we had perished, God would still be good.

The Importance of Having Life in Order

Tonight – in an instant – we were made acutely aware of how quickly our lives can end. Literally.

We’ve also been reminded up close and personal how important it is to have our lives in order so we’re ready when that time comes. Some “important things” I’m grateful we have in place:

  • A will
  • Designating a guardian (in writing) for the care of our children
  • Most importantly – our salvation (i.e., living in the presence of God in heaven)

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

The Ultimate Sparing of Life

God has kindly made a way for us to come home to him through his son, Jesus Christ. 

Truthfully, we’re all messy people spattered with imperfections – no matter how “good” we might think we are. We need a Savior and a way “home”. Jesus is it.

This is how God the Father spared our lives through his son, Jesus.

“”For God loved the world in this way: He gave His One and Only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send His Son into the world that He might condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through Him.” John 3:16-17

A little turn of the wheel and our lives were spared. A turn in the direction of your life and yours could be spared as well.

Maybe that’s why this happened tonight . . . so I could share this post with you. Do you have your life in order?

A little sore, but praising God for his protection and mercy . . .



  1. martha carter says:

    So glad to know you are all safe and sound although sore and I’m sure weary from the trauma. Your blog was so appropriately and well written. I appreciated it very much. You do a great job each time you write!!

  2. Cindy Madden says:

    So well said, Lisa. It’s such an important act of love to have our house in order, for our families and for our salvation. Glad you are both ok! Miss you, my friend!

  3. Gerald Record says:

    Lisa, so glad you all are alright. Did you make the game? Is J OK ? Powerful posting. Dad

  4. Kayla C says:

    SO glad you all are OK!

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