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Get This and People Will Follow Your Leadership

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Yay! The 2012 election cycle is setting on the landscape of human history. That makes me so happy!


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This one’s been really tough. Some of the behavior I’ve seen has rattled me. Makes me wonder how it’s impacted our youth. 

They’ve watched American citizens spewing hatred. Campaigners, leaders, and the media have sent the clear message that anything goes when it comes to winning. It appears that it’s okay to lie, lie, and lie some more. Bold-faced. Without conscience. They’ve seen snarkiness, hatred, meanness, one-sidedness, vicious behavior, rude behavior (constant interruptions and mocking laughter in debates), and people who no longer abide by the rules of engagement.

I want so much more for my children – and for the young people of our nation.  

They need leaders who remember young people are watching their example. They deserve mature adults who show them the right way to live – in conduct and in relationship with others. 

A return to virtue – now that would be nice. 

Civility, honesty, noble behavior, truth-telling, respect, honor, and more. Parents . . . youth workers . . . whoever you are . . . engage in conversation about these things with the young people you influence and nurture. We need to help them process and filter through what we’ve just been through as a nation in this election.

And now – my pick for the most important quality in a great leader:

Honorable Character

Why? Because who a leader is on the inside directs that leader’s actions and decisions on the outside. 

In the New Testament, Paul shared the qualifications to look for in leaders of the Christian church. Guess what those were? He didn’t say much about skills, abilities, education, or talent. The most important qualifications for a leader had to do with godly character. Those other things were important too, but character came first(Titus 1:5-9)

“If you can become the leader you ought to be on the inside, you will be able to become the leader you want to be on the outside. People will want to follow you. And when that happens, you’ll be able to tackle anything in this world.” John C. Maxwell

For me, some of the most important aspects of “good character” (not exclusively for those in ministry) are:

Work Ethic

No excuses
No blaming
Embraces responsibility
Works diligently
Sees things through to completion


A Christian gives glory to God
Recognizes that all we have and all we are is a gift from God
Go to my post for more on this topic


Demonstrates compassion for the needs of others
A good steward of their financial, material, and intangible resources


Honors all his/her debts
Keeps his/her word (Does what he says he will do)
Tells the truth
Is consistently honest in his/her dealings with others
Never compromises his/her principles to make money or get ahead in business
In a person of faith, principles of their faith are lived out in all of life – even business
Free from addictive behaviors and sexual immorality


Faces challenges and rises above them
Not afraid to make the tough decisions, take a stand, do the right thing, and forge ahead

Completely Surrendered (Christians)

Follows God’s plan, his leading, his teaching, and his purposes
Dependent on God
Available to God

A Servant

A leader with honorable character gains trust, earns respect, and builds loyalty. People gladly follow them.

Be sure to get out and vote tomorrow. I’ll be praying for our beautiful nation.



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  1. Carey says:

    Love this post Lisa. People want to overlook this issue because it’s so uncomfortable to have to make a wise judgment about another person. But we have to if we are going to be a wise “follower.” And we have to teach our kids how to rightly do it if we have any hope of passing along a legacy of faith to them and their offspring. Thanks for the challenging thoughts!

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