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Fall at The Cozy Little Warming House

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Welcome weary traveler! Decorating for Autumn is something I begin anticipating around late July when summer’s heat becomes really oppressive. In August, my son was asking me when I would put the decorations up.

As I decorate, my goal is always to make my home welcoming and a sanctuary for all who come here. The Fall garlands, Autumn flora and fauna, lights, baskets, lanterns, and ribbon are in place. Everything is now Fall cozy. Grab a cup of coffee or hot tea, make yourself at home, and allow me to give you a tour.

The Fall Wallow@The Warming House

Love this little chalkboard in my kitchen! This quote is so true.

The Fall Wallow@The Warming House

A little Autumn sweetness – candy corn and peanuts . . . by candlelight!

The Fall Wallow@The Warming House

I just love lanterns. This one is so cozy with a little Fall spray tied on with burlap ribbon and candlelight flickering inside. Autumn’s sweet gifts are beautiful displayed inside and outside the lantern.

The Fall Wallow@The Warming House

Are you beginning to recognize the importance of light in my home? Dimmer switches, candlelight, and this string of lights tucked inside a glass pumpkin add so much to the ambience in a home. The illumination in this pumpkin is enchanting. I tucked a variety of Autumn picks inside the basket. A lighted pumpkin alone is cute, but the basket fills the space with warmth and texture.

The Fall Wallow@The Warming House

Oh yes! Another lantern! This one sits on the floor in my entryway. My husband and I recently stayed at a gorgeous resort. Every evening lighted lanterns of all sizes sat on staircase steps near the entrance of the hotel. I brought the idea home and added a little bittersweet to spice things up. The pumpkin’s keeping it company.

The Fall Wallow@The Warming House

This is my seasonal tree. I leave it up all year changing the decorations for each season. With garlands of leaves, pumpkins, gourds, pinecones, and gold lights, the Autumn tree is my favorite.

The Fall Wallow @ The Warming House

Nature is one of my great loves. In it I sense God’s presence and see his power and creativity. I am drawn to the textures and natural beauty of seed pods, pinecones, leaves, and twigs. A rustic burlap basket is the perfect place to display them.

The Fall Wallow@The Warming House

Found this cute little hedgehog at a quaint store in Carmel, California. He looks right at home among the pumpkins and pinecones.

The Fall Wallow@The Warming House

Another cute critter peeking out of my pumpkin soup tureen . . . but don’t tell our dog. She LOVES squirrels!

The Fall Wallow@The Warming House

I didn’t know what to do with this metal pumpkin so I just rustled some leaves and lights together and set them inside.

The Fall Wallow@The Warming House

This crackled white pumpkin is so cute in my bathroom. The candle twists on, is battery-operated, and comes on at the same time each day. It oozes cozy don’t you think?

The Fall Wallow@The Warming House

This rustic wreath is the perfect nesting place for a hurricane candle.

The Fall Wallow@The Warming House

Thanks for letting me show you around. It was fun “spending time with you!” I hope you enjoyed Fall at my home. Come back anytime.

I’ll leave the porch light on for you.

Check out the Fall Nesting Series at The Inspired Room. There are many links to other sites with beautiful Fall decorating ideas.



  1. Oh Lisa, your home is warm and inviting. Since I’ve moved to this ‘new to me’ house I haven’t thought too much about the warm cozy lighting. How did I forget? Thanks for the sweet nudge to add that to my decor. I love how you desire to make your home a sanctuary to all. One of the best compliments I’ve ever received is for someone to say, “Your home is so peaceful…I could stay here all day.” And that was during an open house. Praise God.

  2. Shandra says:

    Thanks so much for the tour and inspiration , Lisa. Love the warmth and tender care.

  3. studiojru says:

    Lisa, this is all so beautiful!! What a stunning fall home you have! Warm and inviting. Love it!

    • Jennifer – Thanks so much for your compliments – and thanks for taking time to come to The Warming House. I visited your blog. Your personality and heart really come through your site. It touched my heart to hear of your husband’s struggles – and also your faithfulness and love as his wife. God chose well when he chose you as his mate.When my husband was nine, his mother died from a ruptured brain aneurysm. I am so grateful your husband has survived his although it sounds like there have been a lot of complications from it. I’m going to follow you so I can try to keep up with your story. Please feel free to send me specific prayer requests or contact me anytime at thewarminghouse@gmail.com. You are an inspiration. Blessings to you and Heydon.

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