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Chasing God-sized Dreams

  Hi friend! Is there a dream burning inside you? Is it safely harbored in your heart or has it been tossed against the rocks? Do you struggle to know what to do with it?  Let’s be honest here. Dreams inspire but they can also be frightening.


Shabby Chic Women’s Conference Decor Ideas

Hi friend! Welcome to The Warming House. Do you ever feel the need to escape the busy and get fresh perspective? Do you hunger for space to breath and dream? Do you need to reconnect with your heart and give it some attention? Our church


How to Find Joy in the Ordinary

Hi friend! I see you there faithfully going through the motions of everyday life. You clean, you wash, you work, you pay bills, you go to practices and games. You study and go to class. You deal with challenges and cranky people in the workplace.


Forgiveness and Reclaiming Your Heart

  Hello friend. I’m concerned about you. I see all that junk you’ve been dragging around behind you.  You’ve been broadsided by injustice. You’re nursing wounds and holding onto grudges. I know you’re exhausted, and I’m here to tell you that you deserve better. You


Stop Here If You Need Some Inspiration Today

Welcome! Last week in my post, 18 Tips to Live Life to the Fullest, I told you about an awesome new website that’s bringing inspiration to a lot of people: InspireMore. In case you missed it, the people over at InspireMore are passionate about inspiring you to live


18 Tips to LIve Life to the Fullest

  This is quite possibly the best video I have ever seen.  Absolutely stunning . . . stole my breath . . . beauty so extraordinary it actually made me feel a little emotional. I came across this on our good  friend’s new website: InspireMore.com InspireMore’s


Helping You Keep Up With Your Exercise Routine

Did you make a new year’s resolution to begin an exercise routine? How’s it going? If you’re struggling, read on. I have a couple of things that might help you! They say it takes about six weeks to make something an ingrained habit. We’re about


The Inspiring Story of Life By a Higher Standard

Hi friends! Are you inspired when you see someone living a life of integrity?  Just reflecting today on a well-lived life. In our culture it seems there’s a growing stream of people who have no regard for standards of living. “Anything goes” seems to be